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Stop speculating about Will from Love Island's sexuality

As is now to be expected from Love Island, the 2023 winter series has sparked all sorts of conversation around relationships, red flag behaviours and girl code. But one discussion that needs to stop is the speculation around Will Young's sexual identity.

The 23-year-old from Buckinghamshire has been in the Winter Love Island villa since day one, quickly becoming a fan favourite thanks to his self-deprecating sense of humour and appreciation for a flamboyant dance routine.

He's currently coupled up with Jessie Wynter, a 26-year-old from Sydney, and has been for almost three weeks now. But that hasn't stopped people taking to social media to question whether the farmer might 'actually be gay.'

Such conjecture around sexuality is not only harmful to Will, but to gender identity and self expression as a whole. As far as Love Island viewers are concerned, Will is a straight man, having never expressed otherwise. For people to question whether that is the case without his consent is intrusive, and can also be damaging towards one's autonomy to present themselves how they please.

stop speculating about will from love island's sexuality

Also, it perpetuates the notion that masculinity can only be displayed in one rigid blueprint, and that anyone who strays from presenting as macho and emotionally disengaged (by, say, talking about their feelings) couldn't possibly also be heterosexual. Hello, toxic masculinity calling - how may I direct your call?

This expectation that men should behave in a stereotypically 'male' way (no skipping, no being sweet, certainly no tenderness) and avoid displaying feminine traits unless they are gay is archaic, and also doesn't allow for fluidity. Someone's characteristics and behaviours don't immediately equate to their sexual preference or orientation. Sexuality isn't so binary.

stop speculating about will from love island's sexuality

As one fan summarised, "I like guys like Will, who are comfortable with their masculinity and femininity and also not afraid to express joy. I think some people are getting the ick because they are used to seeing a lot of men suppress their feelings. #loveisland"

Others put, "The amount of people calling Will gay for just being comfortable in his femininity is so backwards and shows how prevalent homophobia still is in society. Straight men can be feminine. Get over it #loveisland"

Will isn't the first man in the public eye to have his sexual orientation questioned. Just look at Kit Connor from Heartstopper, Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet, all of whom have had their personal lives picked apart on the biggest stage of all.

stop speculating about will from love island's sexuality

And of course, all that being said, we'd certainly welcome a more sexually diverse Love Island; a space where contestants were given a platform to discuss their preferences outside of standard heteronormative structures these reality shows often people in.

While producers have explained previously why it hasn't happened yet - blaming the structured nature of the show - we're all for the representation of fluidity and sexualities on TV, and are excited for the day it finally happens.

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