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“Survivor 46” Premiere: Castaways Get Muddy — and Someone Quits a Challenge — as New Season Kicks Off

Eighteen contestants were split into three tribes and competed to earn immunity before one player was voted off during Wednesday night’s two-hour episode

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p>

Robert Voets/CBS

This week on Survivor, personalities clashed, alliances formed and one castaway became the first boot after season 46’s first tribal council.

The premiere episode, titled “This is Where the Legends Are Made,” highlighted divisions on the orange Nami tribe — with data analyst Venus feeling offended when actor Tevin called her a “princess” and science teacher Hunter feeling annoyed by fellow teacher Soda’s singing.

With tensions emerging, Tevin and Hunter teamed up and dubbed themselves “The Andy Griffith Alliance." Meanwhile, Soda created an early ladies’ bond with Venus, who is being seen by viewers and her tribemates as the new Parvati Shallow, one of the most beloved players in Survivor history.


This all happened after Nami won the first reward challenge, winning a machete, pot and flint, all vital to build shelter, cook food and make fire.

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<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> Nami tribe’s Randen, Hunter and Tevin.

Robert Voets/CBS

Nami tribe’s Randen, Hunter and Tevin.

Meanwhile, the green Siga tribe finished second and got to pick whether they wanted to compete in a “savvy” challenge or “sweat” challenge to earn those camp supplies again. Siga chose the puzzle, leaving the losing purple Yanu tribe to compete in the physical task.

Siga’s Charlie and Ben failed to complete their word puzzle challenge but later saw an all-girls alliance form with Jem, Moriah and Maria recruiting Charlie to join them to become “Charlie’s Angels.”

Parent coach Maria also bonded with college coach Tim over being parents, with her saying, she’ll be “in her minivan driving this game.”

A quitter emerged during the sweat challenge when athletic real estate agent Q and slot machine salesman Jelinsky attempted to fill buckets that had tiny holes on the side with ocean water and carry them across the beach to fill larger receptacles before all of the water leaked out.

With plenty of time remaining in the challenge hourglass, Jelinsky quit and threw the hourglass in defeat. This caused Q to question his tribemates’ perseverance under pressure.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> Jelinsky was voted off on the premiere episode.

Robert Voets/CBS

Jelinsky was voted off on the premiere episode.

Jelinsky’s decision-making abilities were also called into question again later in the episode — the 662nd episode in Survivor's history — when he, Tevin and Maria represented their respective tribes on the always risky gain-a-vote or lose-a-vote journey.

Jelinsky quickly folded while lying and lost his vote during a truth/lie-telling challenge, surprising Tevin, Maria and his Yanu tribemates.

Jelinsky’s losing streak continued at the immunity challenge as Yanu lost, sending the six tribemates to tribal council. However, artist Tiffany was thrilled her group lost because she found a Beware Advantage that required her tribe to lose an immunity challenge in order to gain a clue to a key that would open a box with an immunity idol inside of it.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> The Siga and Nami tribes compete in the immunity challenge.

Robert Voets/CBS

The Siga and Nami tribes compete in the immunity challenge.

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With Jelinsky leaving a bad impression, he became the first contestant voted off of Survivor 46 after Jeff Probst tallied the unanimous votes and snuffed out his torch in Fiji.

The season continues on March 6 with another two-hour episode, followed by 90-minute episodes every week after that.

Survivor season 46 airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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