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‘Thailand Wants Us Killed’: U.S. Bitcoin Retiree Accused of Building Micronation Faces Death Penalty

Mark Emem
A bitcoin investor who retired into living in the sea with his returns is facing a possible death sentence after accused of building a micronation. | Source: Youtube

By A U.S. Bitcoin investor who dreamed of a life free of governments now risks losing not just his freedom but also his life.

Michigan native Chad Elwartowski and his Thai girlfriend Supranee Thepdet (AKA Nadia Summergirl) have claimed that Thailand wants them killed. Their crime? Living on a seastead (a floating house built on sea) that was put up in international waters.

The bitcoin investor’s floating house was stationed 14 nautical miles off the coast of Thailand. According to the 1982 UN Conventions on the Law of the Sea, ‘every State has the right to establish the breadth of its territorial sea up to a limit not exceeding 12 nautical miles’.

Bitcoin Investor now Accused of Establishing a Micro-nation

Though the seastead is two nautical miles away from Thailand’s territorial sea, this has not stopped Thai officials from accusing him of trying to lay claim to the country’s territory.

Fearing for their lives the two are now on the run, according to a Facebook post:

“This is ridiculous. We lived on a floating house boat for a few weeks and now Thailand wants us killed. We had to go underground because our contact warned us before this came out.”

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