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TikTok Star Anna Sitar Went to Cannes in a Sleek White Dress — and Wait Until You See the Back

·5-min read
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

Pierre Mouton

If you've been dragging your feet when it comes to joining TikTok, here's a bit of motivation to start posting to the app: it could lead you as far as Cannes Film Festival. At least that's the case for Anna Sitar, a popular creator on the platform, who shares snippets of her life and makes humorous videos for her 11.8 million followers. Naturally, the social media sensation has already posted plenty about her trip to the French Riviera, but as she got ready in her hotel room, she managed to snap a few photos exclusively for InStyle, too.

Naturally, we had a ton of questions for Sitar. Did she ever think she'd be attending such a prestigious event? How did she decide on what to wear? And is it too late for other creatives to follow in her footsteps? She graciously gave us all the details along with some life advice, all while making sure to show off her best poses and highlight the back of her gorgeous Brandon Maxwell gown.

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What is it like to be attending Cannes?

It feels like living in a movie. From dress shopping to the travel, it was unlike any event I've experienced before and I am so honored to have even been considered for an invitation.

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

What are you wearing and how did your look come together?

I wore a beautiful white Brandon Maxwell gown with nude Steve Madden pumps. I knew coming into this red carpet that I wanted something elegant that felt like an introduction to summer. I'm drawn to simple pieces and the second I slipped into this dress it seemed to be the perfect fit in so many ways.

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Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

What was the getting ready process like?

I have only had a few get ready experiences that weren't me alone in my small LA apartment bathroom and this was one of them. In comparison to any event before, this process was lively. My hotel door remained open as photographers and journalists wandered in and out to help document the experience. It felt out of body to meet and collaborate with so many incredibly talented individuals. Normally I would have music playing, but whenever I have a makeup and hair artist with me, I prefer to visit with them, hear about their journey in their career, or favorite opportunities they've been a part of. Part of it is my midwest friendliness, and the other part is my genuine curiosity about everyone's own lives and what happens in their day to day.

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

Can you tell us about your hair and makeup?

Simple, natural, glowing as always. I was hoping to emulate a refreshed and sun-kissed look without overpowering the dress. Since I recently cut my hair, it was a difficult decision of if we should do an updo or leave it down and teased. But with the high neckline, the low bun and curtain bangs seemed like an obvious decision.

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

What are some outfit details we might not notice at first glance?

My favorite element of the dress was the back. It just added extra elegance and complemented the dress perfectly. This color felt crisp and refreshing. That detail added surprise and spice to the look. It felt ideal for Southern France in May. With the crisp, geometric cut of the dress and the hair and makeup, we leaned into an Old Hollywood moment. Maybe even a small nod to completing my film and television Masters Program.

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

What jewelry did you choose wear?

Given the gravity of this red carpet, I wanted to keep my jewelry personal. Most of the pieces I wore to the event I wear every day — they have been gifted or collected over the years. It makes me feel like my special people are with me in these big moments.

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

How do you balance creating great content while also remembering to enjoy the moment?

I really value the prep time before creating content. If I do my 'homework' and make time to prepare, I can find balance in enjoying the world around me while also capturing my favorite moments. It has taken me time and practice to find that sweet spot, but it's the secret to my happiness while creating.

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

Did you ever think your social media career would lead to experiences like this? What's next for you?

Never, but I am so happy it did. My intention has always been to create. I wanted to share beautiful moments in life and document this crazy journey, whether it is travel, school, work, or relationships. Next for me is continuing what I love. I am in the middle of production for a clothing line I have been working on for the last several months. I am writing, enjoying the quiet since recently graduating with my Masters Degree, and hoping to spend the coming months perfecting my craft, video making, and still fitting some adventures in the mix."

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

What advice do you have for people thinking it's too late to achieve your type of success?

It's never too late and at no point are you stuck. You can decide to completely turn your life around tomorrow. There's this beautiful element to life where there are no rules. I used to think that life would go in a straight line, but sometimes taking the most unexpected turn leads to the best adventures. Your career doesn't have to make sense, but it has to be full of decisions you're proud of, and you never want to look back and regret not taking the leap. You got this.

Anna Sitar Cannes Diary
Anna Sitar Cannes Diary

Style by Jordan Gross, Makeup by Justine Lancelle, Hair by Gerard Darby.

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