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Too Hot To Handle viewers are convinced Georgia is related to this celebrity

·2-min read
Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Finally, after months of waiting Too Hot To Handle is back on our screens. The third series of Netflix's steamy dating show just landed and we're already laughing, crying and mostly cringing at all the drama. Plus, now that fans are getting fully stuck into the return of Lana lots of them have spotted something familiar about contestant Georgia Hassarati, and we totally see it now too...

We couldn't be happier that Netflix's steamy dating show has finally returned. Too Hot To Handle has always been so outrageously shocking, and the contestants on series three seem to really be giving Lana a run for her money with all their spicy antics.

But despite all the drama, all fans seem to want to talk about is just *how* much Georgia reminds them of fellow Aussie and mega star Margot Robbie.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Once all ten episodes of the show landed on the streamer it didn't take long for 26-year-old student midwife Georgia to become a firm favourite with viewers, and soon they all started noticing the same thing about the THTH golden girl.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Not only does she sound like Margot Robbie, fans say, but she looks like her, seems to have similar mannerisms and some sort of general family resemblance.

We should probably add that there is absolutely no evidence that Margot and Georgia are related, but what a great twist it would make, right?!

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