Top 10 most expensive McDonald's burgers in the world

France, where McDonald’s is known as McDo, has the most expensive burger.

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McDonald's sign. Big Mac burger.
The most expensive McDonald's burgers have been revealed. (Source: Getty)

We all love a Macca’s run, but would you be willing to pay $23 for a single burger? Well, that’s the price of the most expensive McDonald’s burger in the world - the Triple Cheddar and Double Beef in France.

There are more than 36,000 McDonald’s across more than 100 countries, so US lender CashNetUSA decided to calculate the price of Macca’s burgers around the world to find the most (and least) expensive ones.

The Triple Cheddar and Double Beef burger came out on top and is made up of two meat patties, three slices of cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and a tomato and mustard sauce blend.

Seven of the 10 priciest burgers were in Europe, with the Big Tasty Double Bacon burger in Liechtenstein and Switzerland tying for second place at $19.80 (converted into Australian dollars).

McDonalds burgers
The Triple Cheddar & Double Beef in France (left) and the Big Tasty Double Bacon burger in Liechtenstein and Switzerland (right). (Source: McDonald's)

The research also looked at the average price of Big Macs and Happy Meals around the world. In Australia, a Big Mac is now about $7.85 and a Happy Meal is $6.90.

That might seem like a lot, but spare a thought for our friends in Liechtenstein and Switzerland who have to shell out around $11.55 for a Big Mac and $12.10 for a Happy Meal and are maybe not lovin’ it.

The cheapest items were available in Pakistan, where you can get a Big Mac for just $2.85 and a Happy Meal for $2.30.

Note: Prices have been converted to AUD and there was no data available for some countries.

Top 10 most expensive McDonald’s burgers

Here are the priciest McDonald’s burgers, according to CashNetUSA:

  1. Triple Cheddar & Double Beef, France - $23.40

  2. Big Tasty Double Bacon, Liechtenstein - $19.80

  3. Big Tasty Double Bacon, Switzerland - $19.80

  4. Dobbel Big Tasty, Norway - $19.30

  5. Big Premium New York, Israel - $17.60

  6. Club House 3 Carnes, Uruguay - $15.30

  7. Homestyle Chicken Hot Curry, Denmark - $14.90

  8. Signature Huevo Benedictine Doble, Spain - $14.80

  9. Crispy Chicken Almighty, New Zealand - $14.20

  10. Homestyle Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard, Netherlands - $14.00

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