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Top 10 Uranium Producing Companies In The World

In this article, we will be covering the top 10 uranium-producing companies in the world. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of the global uranium market, you can go directly to Top 5 Uranium Producing Companies In The World.

Global Uranium Market: An Analysis

According to the World Nuclear Association, uranium is a heavy metal that has been used as an abundant source of concentrated energy for more than 60 years. Uranium has far-reaching significance in the modern world due to its applications in nuclear energy and various industrial sectors. Uranium is a critical element and it serves as the primary fuel for nuclear power plants around the world, providing clean, low-carbon electricity. According to a report by IndustryARC, the global uranium market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 4.3% from 2024 to 2030 to reach a value of $12.7 billion by the end of the forecasted period. The North American region dominates the uranium market due to the increasing domestic production of this critical element.

The demand for uranium continues to increase as the world seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to cleaner energy sources. Nuclear power is becoming an increasingly attractive option and this is driving up demand for uranium, which is used as fuel in nuclear reactors. Responsible extraction, processing, and utilization are important not only for meeting growing energy demands but also for promoting environmental sustainability and well-being.


Uranium is used in the production of radioisotopes, which have various medical, industrial, and scientific purposes across the globe such as cancer treatment, sterilization, and quality control in manufacturing processes. According to a research report by the World Nuclear Association, more than 40 million nuclear medicine procedures are performed annually and demand for radioisotopes is growing by as much as 5% annually.

Radioisotopes also play a crucial role in the growing of crops and breeding livestock. Radioisotopes are used in the production of high-yield, disease-resistant, and weather-resistant varieties of crops. According to a publication available on the International Atomic Energy Agency's website, isotopes and radiation can play a crucial role in identifying and reducing the genetic and environmental limitations of animal production. Various industries around the world that use uranium and radioisotopes are acting as drivers for the growth of the uranium market.

Key Players in the Uranium Market

With the expansion of the uranium market, companies engaged within this sector are expected to have access to significant growth opportunities owing to the heightened demand for resources and services related to uranium. Some of the most notable names in the global uranium market include Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCJ), Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE:UEC), and Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE:LEU).

Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE:LEU) is an American company that supplies nuclear fuel and services for the nuclear power industry. The company supplies sources of enriched uranium to help meet the growing demand for clean, affordable, and carbon-free electricity. Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE:LEU) is also one of the best uranium stocks to buy. On February 8, Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE:LEU) reported strong earnings for the fiscal fourth quarter of 2023. The company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $3.58, surpassing EPS estimates by $2.82. Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE:LEU) reported a revenue of $103.6 million and outperformed revenue estimates by $32.47 million.

Uranium companies are also increasing exploration and production efforts to address the growing demand for nuclear energy. Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE:UEC) is a US-based uranium production and exploration company. On January 16, Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE:UEC) announced that the company’s board of directors has approved restarting uranium production at its Christensen Ranch In-Situ Recovery operations in Wyoming. The recovered uranium will be processed at the fully operational Irigaray Central Processing Plant, which has a current licensed capacity of 2.5 million pounds of U3O8 (triuranium octoxide) per year. While Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE:UEC) will provide further information on the anticipated volumes for the first year of production in the coming months, production is expected in August 2024.

Some of the biggest uranium companies are also participating in collaborative initiatives to promote nuclear energy's role in decarbonization. Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCJ) is a Canadian uranium company. As one of the world’s largest uranium-producing companies, it is a major provider of nuclear fuel solutions for the generation of safe, reliable, and carbon-free nuclear power across the globe. On December 3, 2023, Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCJ) announced that it has joined Net Zero Nuclear, the initiative aiming to triple global nuclear capacity to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by calling for collaboration among governments and industry leaders. This initiative, supported by various organizations including the World Nuclear Association and the International Atomic Energy Agency, seeks to accelerate the growth of the global nuclear fleet and advance research and development into emerging nuclear technologies. By promoting nuclear energy's role in decarbonizing global energy systems, Net Zero Nuclear will ensure nuclear energy’s potential is fully realized while also removing barriers to its growth.

Tim Gitzel, Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCJ) President and CEO, said:

“Increasingly, countries and companies around the world are counting on nuclear power to play a role in achieving their net-zero emissions targets while strengthening their energy security. Its importance as an essential source of sustainable, carbon-free, baseload electricity has never been greater.”

Now that we have looked at what’s going on in the global uranium market, let’s take a look at the top 10 uranium-producing companies in the world. You can also take a look at the countries that produce the best uranium in the world.

Top 10 Uranium Producing Companies In The World
Top 10 Uranium Producing Companies In The World

A miner in a hard hat and apron holding a piece of uranium ore in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan.


In this article, we have listed the top 10 uranium-producing companies in the world. To collect data for our list, we consulted the World Nuclear Association. We used data obtained for the latest year in their dataset, updated in August 2023. This database provided us with a list of companies and information on their uranium production for the year 2022. The top 10 uranium-producing companies in the world are listed below in ascending order.

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Top 10 Uranium Producing Companies In The World

10. General Atomics

Uranium Production (2022): 1,740 Tonnes

General Atomics is an American energy and defense company that ranks among the top 10 uranium-producing companies in the world. It specializes in research and technology development, including physics research in support of nuclear fission and nuclear fission energy. General Atomics also owns Heathgate Resources and its affiliate Quasar Resources. Quasar Resources owns the Four Mile uranium mine in Australia, which is one of the world’s largest uranium-producing mines. The Four Mile mine is operated by Heathgate Resources. With a 4% share in global uranium production, General Atomics produced 1,740 tonnes of uranium in 2022 through its affiliated companies.

9. ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.

Uranium Production (2022): 2,508 Tonnes

ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. is a Russian company. It operates the Mining Division of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation and produces uranium in Russia. ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. is also one of the biggest companies in terms of in-situ uranium reserves. As one of the top uranium-producing companies in the world, ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. produced 2,508 tonnes of uranium in 2022 to account for about 5% of the global uranium supply.

8. BHP Group Limited (NYSE:BHP)

Uranium Production (2022): 2,813 Tonnes

BHP Group Limited (NYSE:BHP) is an Australian multinational mining and metals company. As a major resources company, it produces iron ore, coal, copper, gold, nickel, and uranium. BHP Group Limited (NYSE:BHP) has over 90 locations around the world. As one of the biggest uranium-producing companies in the world, BHP Group Limited (NYSE:BHP) produced 2,813 tonnes of uranium in 2022 to provide about 6% of the global uranium supply.

7. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)

Uranium Production (2022): 3,247 Tonnes

The China National Nuclear Corporation is a Chinese state-owned enterprise. The corporation owns a complete uranium exploration, mining, and milling system. Accounting for 7% of the global uranium production, the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) produced 3,247 tonnes of uranium in 2022.

6. Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Combinat

Uranium Production (2022): 3,300 Tonnes

Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Combinat is a state-owned company in Uzbekistan. It is one of Uzbekistan’s largest mining companies and it also ranks high among the world’s largest uranium and gold producers. The company’s most important ore deposits are located in the Kyzyl Kum Desert. In 2022, Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Combinat produced 3,300 tonnes of Uranium. It ranks 6th on our list of the top 10 uranium-producing companies in the world.

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