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Wall Street higher despite trade war escalation

Stocks reverse higher here as traders come to grips with China hitting back against Trump. Plus, Facebook is back in the spotlight as it revamps its privacy policy. Will it make a difference for users— and investors? And, Spotify’s IPO, a day later. What have we learned and are more unicorns coming? NYSE’s global head of listings gives us the lowdown. Plus, chaos is coming from the White House and DC, but there is a way to trade it? We speak to the CIO of Eventshares. Catch The Final Round at 3:55 ET p.m. with Jen Rogers, Yahoo Finance markets correspondent Myles Udland and Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer.

Winners and losers

Stocks in the red include the aforementioned Boeing on Chinese tariff retaliation; Dave & Busters as the restaurant and arcade operator’s full-year revenue forecast missed the mark; and Allergan, with shares dipping lower as Re-vance Therapeutics will soon launch a competitor to Allergan’s botox.

Stocks in the green include Tesla as investors are bullish following management’s claim that Tesla won’t need to raise capital this year; Lennar as the homebuilder beat on earnings and its sales forecast; and Viacom, with shares getting a little pop here as the media company ‘immediately rejected’ CBS’s takeout bid and will submit a counterproposal soon.