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Woman behind viral 'Who TF Did I Marry' series opens up in upcoming TV interview

The "Who TF Did I Marry" saga continues.

The now super-viral 50-part TikTok series has dominated the internet for weeks, something anyone who has logged onto social media since mid-February can probably tell you.

The series, titled "Who TF Did I Marry?!?" by poster Reesa Teesa of Atlanta, has garnered millions of views and an almost cult following, thanks to Teesa's vivid retelling of the Lifetime movie-esque marriage she says she entered into with an alleged scam artist during the pandemic.

A woman with a clear knack for remembering details and storytelling, Teesa has since appeared across social media platforms and in headlines, keeping her millions of new fans invested in the ongoing saga. Updates have continued to roll in since her original posts, including responses from a man claiming to be her ex-husband himself.


Even a 50-part series wasn't enough to communicate all of the many twists, turns and details, however, as Teesa is now set to appear for an exclusive TV interview discussing the ins and outs of her story.

'Who TF Did I Marry' updates: How Reesa Teesa's viral story on ex-husband turned into online fame

See a teaser clip for Reesa Teesa's interview with Tamron Hall here

Teesa's interview with journalist and talk show host Tamron Hall will air as part of the "Tamron Hall Show."

In a preview clip provided to USA TODAY on Friday, Teesa discusses the hurt she experienced when her then-husband failed to show up at the hospital while she was undergoing treatment for a miscarriage.

At the time, he told her it was due to the demands of his high-ranking job. Later, however, Teesa found out the job never existed, a lie that was difficult for her to reconcile with the fact that her then-spouse had used it as an excuse not to support her when she was in need.

“I was terrified and I’m texting you that I'm in pre-op at Northside Hospital and I’m so scared because I just don’t know what’s gonna happen … there came a moment where once I discovered all the lies, that I realized you really left me hanging when I needed you the most," an emotional Teesa shared. "On so many levels I can honestly sit here and tell you that is the one thing that I struggle to forgive."

'Who TF Did I Marry' summary: Woman's TikTok saga on marriage to ex-husband goes massively viral

Where to watch the Reesa Teesa interview

Teesa's interview will air on the "Tamron Hall" show on Monday, March 4 at 2 p.m. ET. "Tamron Hall" airs on local cable affiliates depending on location. You can check your local channel on the Tamron Hall website.

It is also available for streaming on FuboTV and DirectTV.

'Who TF Did I Marry?!?' original series

Teesa began posting videos to what turned out to be a 52-part series on Feb. 14 and uploaded the final video in the "Who TF Did I Marry?!?" playlist three days later on Feb. 17.

The videos tell, in detail, the story of Teesa's marriage to a man she alleges was a "narcissist" and "pathological liar," though she acknowledges he was never formally diagnosed as being either.

Through the series, which amassed millions of views per each roughly 10-minute clip, she recounts the entire story of her five-month marriage, which was allegedly full of M. Night Shyamalan-style twists and turns thanks to her now ex-husband who, according to her, was a master serial scammer.

Since posting her story, her account has blown up to 3.5 million followers and 36.6 million likes across all of her content.

A man by the name of Jerome McCoy has since taken to social media claiming to be the real "Legion" and making several posts accusing Teesa of lying about the whole thing. His videos were received poorly by netizens and other people claiming to know "Legion" who also took to social media, including one alleged ex-wife and an ex-stepchild.

Better things are coming Teesa's way as a result of her sharing her story, however. Hilton and Delta Airlines have since reached out offering to assist in making her dreams of a European vacation come true and she's even begun selling merch with notable lines from her now-famous TikToks, including "I survived Legion."

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: How to watch: Tamron Hall talks to Reesa Teesa of 'Who TF Did I Marry'