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Struggling with summer thigh chafing? We're obsessed with this cheap af chafing cream

Photo credit: Martin Novak - Getty Images
Photo credit: Martin Novak - Getty Images

Whether you've been making the most of the weather here in the UK (hello Costa del Croydon) or if you've jetted off somewhere abroad, chances are you've spent at least some time this summer in the sunshine. But, whilst that naturally means celebrations for many who rely on their seasonal hit of vitamin D, it also means the return of excessive sweating (particularly in the boob area) and thigh chafing, too!

Chafing thighs and boob sweat are quite possibly two of the most annoying things to come out of a hot summer, and although us Brits tend not to complain about the warmer weather when we're lucky enough to have it, for some people the problems posed by the heat mean going out just ain't that fun.

So, is there a way to put an end to our thigh-rubbing, boob-sweating misery? According to some very enthusiastic people on Twitter, there is. Enter: this £2.50 (well, technically it's £2.33 per-bottle) wonder-cream that may just end up revolutionising your summer.

Photo credit: Martin Novak - Getty Images
Photo credit: Martin Novak - Getty Images

How to stop thigh chafing in the summer

'Liquid Talc' (which, as you might imagine, is a talcum powder alternative in liquid form) can be bought on Amazon and is actually a baby product, designed to enhance the softness of a newborn's skin as an alternative to baby powder. It goes on like a lotion and can apparently work wonders for adults who want to prevent thigh chafing and boob sweat – not just babies with nappy rash.

Oh yeah, and just to remind you, it's cheap as chips, with three bottles being priced at £7.00 on Amazon. We'll take 12!

Asda's Little Angels Liquid Talc has also received plenty of praise on social media for being a great solution to summer thigh chafing. "Liquid talc from Asda is a game changer for chafe," one person tweeted, adding: "Otherwise those little tins of Vaseline work in a pinch."

"If you can pick up some liquid talc from the baby section of a supermarket it’ll help a lot with the chafe!" a second person agreed, with another writing: "Asda do a liquid talc in the baby aisle that I SWEAR by! I run it on, leave it to dry for like 20 mins max and then off I go chafe free."

Thigh bands have also been hailed by shoppers as a solution to your summer chafing woes. Available in a variety of colours and materials – including lace, for when you're feeling sexy – these thigh chafe bands can easily be slipped on underneath a skirt or summer dress.

Time for a spot of shopping we think, our thighs might thank us for it...

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