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‘World’s loneliest home’ sells after buyer meets weird condition

The small cottage that sits at 0 Wohoa Bay Island, dubbed the 'worlds loneliest home'
The new owners had to spend a night in the 'world's loneliest home'. (Source: Coldwell Banker Realty)

The ‘world’s loneliest home’ has officially sold for $492,000 (US$339,000) after the new buyer met a very specific condition.

What’s known as Duck Ledges Island is in Wohoa Bay in Maine in the United States, and is only a short boat ride to the nearest town.

The only neighbours are the seals, who often find refuge and relaxation on the shores. There is no running water or electricity.

Having been on the market since June last year, the new buyers had to spend a night on the island before the deal could go through.

Previous owner Billy Milliken, who was also a real estate agent, said he wanted the new owner to be willing to spend a night in the home before selling.

"I'm sticking to my plan in that, to qualify as a buyer, you've got to stay," Milliken told Insider.

0 Wohoa Bay Island
There are ocean views out every window. (Source: Coldwell Banker Realty)
0 Wohoa Bay Island
The small cabin has a cosy bedroom. (Source: Coldwell Banker Realty)

Milliken said his reasoning was that he wanted the new owner to see the value in the island's natural landscape but also be willing to deal with its quirks.

"It's going to be coming from the gut," Milliken said.

"When it's right, it's right. I'll feel it, and they'll feel it."

But the cosy cabin does not come without a sense of danger, with Milliken saying it’s best to avoid the island from October to May, when the weather is unfit for “man or beast”.

0 Wohoa Bay Island
There is no running water at the property. (Source: Coldwell Banker Realty)

"There's been three different times when the storm surges have come up to the cottage, and maybe under the cottage to a degree," Milliken said.

"But it's elevated. It's never ever damaged the structure or the flooring."

There’s no bathroom inside the home, so the new owners will be braving the elements to get to the outdoor loo every time nature calls.

The home comes with its own mooring next to the island and is a short boat ride to the Jonesport public marina or Addison facility.

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