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Yes, Your Vintage Jewelry Might Be Haunted

·4-min read

If you're a vintage jewelry lover like myself, it's possible you're always out to find and buy the ultimate piece — something that no one else you know has in their possession. Yet, while the love of the hunt and finding a cool design may be your main focus, you could find yourself repelled by some of your picks, for seemingly no reason at all. The answer, however, is pretty simple: energy.

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It may seem a little out-there, but the truth is, energy can attach to everything, and despite not being able to see it, we can definitely sense it. Once that piece of vintage jewelry is on our body — even if it's coming from a relative or loved one, rather than a random shop — it might not feel quite right. The previous wearer's energy may not mesh well with your own, and it could even end up interfering with your personal vibrations and mood.

That's why I suggest cleansing vintage jewelry of that old, "haunted" energy, ensuring you can enjoy your beautiful, new-to-you accessory without having to worry about any unnecessary bad vibes attached to it.

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Here are the best — and easiest! — ways to cleanse vintage jewelry.


Saltwater is a natural cleanser and purifier. If you cannot get to the ocean or sea to place your jewelry in the water for half an hour, you can create your own at home with epsom or table salt and water. Then, let the jewelry soak in a cup of saltwater for 30 minutes. This will separate anything that has attached to the jewelry that should not be there, thus allowing you to feel comfortable with these pieces on your body.

How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry
How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry

Lunar Blast

Full moons can help detox and charge the jewelry with the intention you want. Not only will the moon purify and cleanse jewelry, but you will also be given the chance to write your own intention with the jewelry under the lunar event. This will give you a chance to manifest positive vibes for the future whenever you wear these pieces of jewelry. However, it's inadvisable to 'hunt' jewelry during a lunar eclipse, as the vibe is too intense and frenetic for the pieces to become clean and maintain their original prowess.

How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry
How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry


If you have a favorite vintage piece that has stones or crystals in it, earthing is a great idea for you. Place the jewelry in a little sachet or plastic bag, then bury it in the ground or in a flower pot with soil in it. Keep in mind that you can also keep the jewelry on grass or buy soil if you want — it's not necessarily important to bury it in the ground if you do not have the capability to do so. Keep the jewelry there overnight or 24 hours maximum. The reason why we do this is because stones and crystals come from the bottom layers of the earth and rise to the surface over time. If they are put back into the earth, they will be able to energetically cleanse themselves and restore their natural vibrancy.

How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry
How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry

Crystal Cleanse

When it comes to the types crystals I prefer to use to cleanse items, I opt for selenite, amethyst, or smoky quartz. That's because these are gentler on the items and do the trick just as fast as other crystals. Plus, they also lend healing and positive vibes to the person wearing the jewelry. If you're going to clean your jewelry with selenite, it's also advisable to use it like a wand around the pieces. With amethyst and smoky quartz, you can leave the items on top, underneath, or to the sides of the crystal. The crystals will pull out any energy that should not be there, then replace it with pure sentiments.

How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry
How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry

Floral Blends

Personally, I am big on using fresh lavender and geranium flowers to cleanse jewelry or spaces. The reason being is because their scents are very light and beautiful, and they can also help change your personal energy or vibe. If you choose to use flowers to cleanse your jewelry, you can go about this in a multitude of ways. One is by burning the flowers, thus cleansing the jewelry by 'smoking out' the energy. You can also can cut up the flowers and put them in a little dish with jewelry placed in it. Thirdly, you can roll the flowers around the pieces of jewelry that you want cleansed.

How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry
How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry

Brown Rice

Putting jewelry in a bag or a bowl of brown rice is an amazing — and, perhaps, the simplest! — way to naturally cleanse your pieces of negativity. That's because brown rice is natural agent that can help detox items, particularly models and gemstones. In order to have your items feeling like they are brand new, just place your jewelry in a bowl or pouch of brown rice for approximately 24 to 48 hours. Once you take it out, it'll be as good as new.

How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry
How To Cleanse Haunted Jewelry
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