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How Young Sheldon Is Setting the Stage for Georgie’s Big Bang Future

Will Meemaw’s expansion of the casino business send Georgie running toward the nearest exit — and toward his future as a successful tire salesman?

It was previously established during Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory that Young Sheldon’s older brother goes on to own and operate a successful chain of tire stores. What followed was a Season 2 episode of the ‘90s-set prequel that saw 14-year-old Georgie work at Herschel Sparks’ repair shop and discover his affinity an tires. And four years later, it was revealed that his future father-in-law, Jim McCallister (played by recurring guest star Will Sasso), owns and operates a competing auto body shop:

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<em>Young Sheldon</em> Season 6, Episode 7 <cite>Max screenshot</cite>
Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 7 Max screenshot

Up until this point, Georgie hasn’t expressed a desire to to work for Jim — but he may be open to a career change in the not-so-distant future.


As seen in Season 7, Episode 2, Georgie and Connie are at odds about the future of the backroom. Meemaw wants to expand the already high-risk business to include table games; Georgie fears that they’ll invite the wrong crowd. Those concerns are still fresh on his mind later that night as he bonds with Jim about a customer who came into his shop to return a set of tires. They were way past warranty, but Jim agreed to replace them — free of charge. He lost a couple bucks, but gained a customer for life, and Georgie is impressed by his business acumen. “I could learn a lot from you,” he wagers.

<cite>CBS screenshot</cite>
CBS screenshot

According to executive producer Steve Holland, it’s no coincidence that Jim resurfaces just as Georgie begins to doubt his future as Meemaw’s business partner. “I don’t think you’re reading too much into it,” he tells TVLine. “Seeds are being planted and will start to grow this season.”

Episode 2 also features a rare heart-to-heart between brother and sister: Georgie gripes about his responsibilities as fiancé to Mandy and father to CeeCee, while Missy confides in the future Dr. Tire about her thankless attempt to fill Mom’s shoes while Mary is away in Heidelberg with Sheldon.

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Photo by Bill Inoshita/Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

“It was important to show how much they’ve grown,” Holland says of the sibs’ late-night convo. “They don’t have a ton of scenes together, and they don’t talk about it a lot, but Georgie and Missy have a lot of things in common because they both have dealt with all of the attention in their family being focused on Sheldon.

“They are more alike than they realize, and they’ve both been forced to grow up a bit,” Holland notes. “This is going to be a growing up year for both of them.”

What did you think of Young Sheldon Season 7, Episode 2: “A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog”? Sound off in Comments.

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