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Dyson’s $949 headphones also filter out air impurities

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Dyson's new air filtering headphones.

Video transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: Dyson is making headphones that promise to not only block noise, but also unwanted airborne particles. It costs $949 and can only be pre-ordered by appointment only in March. And guys, these things look absolutely--

JULIE HYMAN: Holy moly.

BRIAN SOZZI: --absolutely ridiculous. And on full cleaning capacitor, or however you want to-- air filtration capacity, they--


BRIAN SOZZI: Wow! Amazing. They only last two hours. So not only are you looking absolutely ridiculous walking around the street, you're probably using a product that I would say-- I haven't tried it yet-- a little bit lower quality than the AirPods, and you look absurd and only last two hours.

JULIE HYMAN: Here, to me, is the use case.

BRIAN SOZZI: You look like Bane.


BRAD SMITH: You look like Bane.

JULIE HYMAN: China is the use case, to me. Like, if I live in China in a very high air pollution area, like, that's where something like this maybe would make sense. It's not for COVID, by the way. They say it's not necessarily-- it doesn't necessarily filter to that degree.

BRAD SMITH: Just the design of this, I think that's what's really catching me off-guard here. Yes, he does look like Bane, indeed. Bane with hair, that man. However--

BRIAN SOZZI: You have to clean that now? Are you going to clean that every single day?


BRAD SMITH: I don't know.

BRIAN SOZZI: The product only lasts two hours?

JULIE HYMAN: You replace the thing.

BRIAN SOZZI: It's awful.