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Female fans say they feel safer at this World Cup

STORY: Some female fans say they feel safer at the World Cup

in part due to strict controls on alcohol in conservative Qatar

Ellie Molloson is part of a campaign to tackle sexism in football

(Ellie Molloson, HerGameToo Ambassador)

"I was expecting a very dangerous place for women. I didn’t think I was going to be safe here, my dad came out specifically because it was just going to be me on my own, because he was so worried about the safety aspect as a 19-year-old girl in Qatar... That’s not been the case, as a travelling female fan I can say that I have felt very safe. I've had no cat-calling, no wolf-whistling, nothing like that."

"I think it actually is due to a more socially conservative society. I think alcohol contributes a bit more to hostility..."

Alcoholic beer is available in designated fan zones

but not stadiums

(Maya Alba, Australia fan)

“…People are a bit more wild with booze in their systems. So over here I think that’s something that has helped a lot and also security has been really strict so that also helps."

(Sarah Mower, England fan)

"I was at the Euros, quite frightened for my life to be honest at the Euros there were so many people, there’s been absolutely no trouble here at all, lost my voice too much singing. But absolutely perfect atmosphere they’re so friendly, people were saying to me you won't be able to walk down the street by yourself all the rest of it, absolutely no problems whatsoever."