Fourth of July deals: Where to save on patio furniture, appliances, and mattresses

Yahoo Finance Live highlights where to find the best summer deals for retail homeware this holiday weekend.

Video transcript


RACHELLE AKUFFO: Welcome back, everyone. If you love a bargain, I'm sure you'll be scouring the July 4th sales, and most retailers have a glut of inventory that they're marking down.

Now, according to, the best deals are on patio furniture. Now, you can save about 70% there. Name-brand appliances, up to 40% off at some of these home improvement stores, your Home Depot, Lowe's, and Best Buy. And it's a good time to buy a mattress. Those are up to 60% off. And, of course, you have plenty of deals on outdoor gear. You have fishing, your camping, your picnicking goods.

But what about what not to buy right now? Hold off if you're thinking about buying personal electronics. Retailers are expected to step up the discounts around Amazon's Prime Days later this month, June 12 and 13. And, of course, you have summer apparel and accessories. Don't buy those yet. Those will be cheapest at the end of the summer. And when it comes to these big-ticket electronics like TVs, of course, you have Black Friday in November, which is still the king when it comes to discounts.

DAVE BRIGGS: I am a sucker for a deal. And I tell you, hitting back to the one you mentioned there, Rachelle, which is patio furniture, we talk a lot about this retail environment, and over-ordering during the pandemic was clearly the lesson. And Target? 30% off. They were the big lesson learned. 30% off of their patio furniture. So that's where I'm focusing. But "Forbes"--


DAVE BRIGGS: --has an article right now, the top 30 deals on mattresses alone. So mattresses--

SEANA SMITH: I saw that.

DAVE BRIGGS: --are clearly a huge position to get a deal this weekend.

SEANA SMITH: It is a good time to buy a mattress. Also, jewelry, I was noticing that there's a lot of discounts out there. Dave, if you want to get your wife something, maybe surprise her, jewelry is on sale.


SEANA SMITH: 30% off at Macy's. 50% off at some of the other larger retailers-- or other larger retailers I should say, like Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, has huge sales going on.

Rachelle, you also mentioned maybe now's not the time to buy summer clothes. But there are some still--


SEANA SMITH: --good deals out there, especially if you want to wear them this season. J.Crew. Target, we mentioned, having some deals there too. So if you're--

DAVE BRIGGS: I got one more.

SEANA SMITH: --in the market for a lot of things, I think now's--


SEANA SMITH: --a good time--

DAVE BRIGGS: --one more--

SEANA SMITH: --to buy-- what?

DAVE BRIGGS: --that I think you're both going to like-- and I know I'm going to love-- that I just discovered now. Lululemon has a "We've Made Too Much" sale going on--

SEANA SMITH: Oh, yeah.

DAVE BRIGGS: --at the moment, botched their ordering. And there are staggering, I say staggering deals right now on--

SEANA SMITH: You're a big fan--


SEANA SMITH: --so maybe you're going to be placing some orders.

DAVE BRIGGS: I am a huge fan. My goal in life is to wear nothing but at some point, and I'm quite surprised at some of the deals on there right now. So check it out.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: You gotta respect the honest advertising, saying, look, we messed up, and you get to benefit. So I respect that.