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Ginkgo Bioworks partners with Synlogic on new gout drug

Ginkgo is teaming up with Synlogic to launch a new gout drug, moving shares of both stocks higher.

Video transcript


- All right, shifting gears. Triple play is on deck, and here's what we're looking at. Ginkgo Bioworks, Sonos, and Six Flags. And our very own Ali Kamel is also joining us for this one. So I'm going to kick us off with one of our top trending tickers on Yahoo Finance. The stock is Ginkgo Bioworks, DNA. Now, the stock rallied on positive news on the clinical development of its SYN 2081 gout treatment in partnership with Synlogic. Synlogic also getting a boost today with its chief science officer David Harbor highlighting the value this partnership has in fighting other diseases. Gout of course, also a risk factor for kidney disease.

Now, this new treatment, a fun factor here, is actually named after one of the best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex specimens in the world. Because data shows that T Rex's also suffered from gout as do more than 9 million Americans. So there you go, fun fact for you Brian.


- What? Tyrannosaurus Rex, apparently. By the way I did look this up. I looked this up because I was so cute about it. This is not a stock we talk about. They actually named the T Rex. The T Rex his name was Sue.

- Yes.


- Yes. I don't-- I don't really know about that one. But hey, look, good news, I guess, either way, if they can get that across the finish line.