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Maduro in nat'l address slams Guaido

"That person Washington sent to lead the opposition in Venezuela, because that's the person Washington sent with the money.. More than, $400 million dollars, wasn't elected by a single political party or a single opposition party as their leader and boss. One day they just woke up knowing that was their boss... Just like it's unavoidable that the sun shines every morning, in this year 2020, there will be parliamentary elections to choose a new National Assembly, and the people will decide this conflict, with their votes, with their conscience, with their political will."

So far, Maduro has fended off Guaido's challenge, retaining control of the armed forces and tightening the noose around opposition lawmakers. More than 30 of Guaido's congressional allies are in hiding, in prison, or in exile.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Saturday called for more protests against Maduro's government in the wake of a failed attempt by the ruling Socialist Party to install allied leadership in congress.