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Market check: All 11 sectors in the green, travel stocks pop, Tesla off session lows

Yahoo Finance's Ines Ferre provides an overview of the market following last week's volatility as investors weigh concerns about Omicron variant risks and Tesla is under fire due to solar panel defects.

Video transcript

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: Want to check in now with our Yahoo Finance reporter Ines Ferre for her look at stocks today. What do you have your eye on today, Ines?

INES FERRE: Well, Alexis, just looking at that sector action, as you just mentioned, all 11 sectors in the green right now. We are seeing utilities, real estate, industrials, financials, cyclical and defensive sectors that are really the ones that are leading the gains right now. Technology is the underperformer when you compare it to the others, but still holding up in green territory.

Taking a look at those travel stocks, take a look at this chart. A lot of green, very different from the volatility that we saw last week. We are seeing the travel stocks now snapping a four-week losing streak. Those encouraging headlines over the weekend from Dr. Anthony Fauci helping some of these airlines see double digit percentages. American Airline's up 11%, United also up 11%, the cruise lines as well really rallying today.

Taking a look at the NASDAQ 100, I am going to mention Tesla coming off the lows of the session today. Tesla under pressure after a Reuters report talking about an SEC investigation into solar panels based off a whistleblower complaint. And earlier this morning, Tesla was on track to close in bear market territory, 20% off its recent highs, those highs that it reached on November 4th. We will see where this stock ends if it ends in bear territory, if it closes in bear territory today. Earlier today, it was down more than 5%.

And then, looking at the semiconductor action, I just want to point out that the semis, we are seeing a little bit of red here. We are looking at NVIDIA down 4%. There was some weak monthly sales data when it comes to semiconductors. Wall Street analysts pointing to that data, saying that this points to weaker momentum. When it comes to an NVIDIA, EU regulators have paused a probe into the proposed NVIDIA, ARM deal. More and more analysts are saying that that deal may not go through. That's why you may have seen the stock today under pressure, but definitely coming off the lows of the session, as we are right now in the highs of the session. Alexis, Karina.

KARINA MITCHELL: All right, Ines Ferre giving us a lay of the landscape.

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