Mobile desalination unit offers solution for farmers in Egypt

STORY: This mobile machine purifies water

for farmers and remote communities

Location: Mansoura, Egypt

Farmers here depend on underground water due to freshwater scarcity

but it’s full of salinity and minerals which could kill crops

(Shaaban El Ansary, Agricultural Engineer)

"I have 50 feddans of mango crops, of which 30 percent died due to salinity of water. The well which we used to irrigate the crops had a salinity of 1700 ppm, after we installed the new desalination system, I have restored 8,500 plants in three months and then the defect rate became two or three percent. These are normal defects of agriculture, but regarding the defects from water salinity there are none and the evidence is clear."

The desalination units are mobile

and can treat water in remote areas

(Mohamed El Shorbagy, Co-founder of Shorbagy Company for Water Purification)

"We have managed to provide pure drinkable water in remote areas which suffered severe water scarcity and people there were suffering from the lack of drinkable water, this is in terms of drinkable water. In the farming sector, we were able to treat the water in over 35 farms to be used to solve the problems in agriculture."