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Nordstrom, Salesforce, CrowdStrike, C3 AI: After-hours movers

Yahoo Finance Live breaks down some of the biggest stock movers in after-hours trading.

Video transcript

- Let's get it right over to Seana Smith for some after hours mover. Seana.

SEANA SMITH: All right. Thanks there, Diane. We're looking at four names up on the board for you. Nordstrom, Salesforce, Crowdstrike, and Kicking off with the gainer here in extended trading, and that is Nordstrom. We're looking at gains of just about 9% here from the retailer. A strong report, beating on both the top and bottom lines, even though they did report a year-over-year decline in some of these major categories here. Sales were off 11% compared to a year ago. Nordstrom Rack did beat. But it was a decline from a year-over-year basis.

Digital sales was also off 17% on a year-over-year basis. But it did come in better than what the Street was bracing itself for. Year to date, we're looking at losses of just about 5%. Over the last year, Nordstrom off 42%. We've talked time and time again about this retailer struggling to regain its momentum, struggling with this turnaround strategy to move the retailer forward. We'll see whether or not the gains in extended trading stick.

Moving on here to Salesforce, another mover in extended trading, that stock off just over 3% right now. The earnings were decent. But the revenue growth outlook, that disappointed the Street. This focus here on a profit, that's a little cause of concern just in terms of what that would mean for future revenue growth. Year to date, we're looking at gains of nearly 70%. When it comes to Salesforce's most recent performance, Q1 did beat on sales and earnings. But we are seeing the stock drop because of that sales outlook. Again, off just about 3%.

Crowdstrike, another mover here, off just around 11 and 1/2%. Full-year profit forecast on the low end of expectations. That's a big driver in after hours action. The company did raise its full-year revenue forecast. They also did beat during the first quarter revenue $692 million. But the guidance once again the driver here.

And, a stock that is up 257% year to date. We're looking at losses just about 13% in extended trading here. Taking a look at these numbers, the AI boom clearly really riding that wave here to the upside since the start of the year. When it comes to revenue, that did beat. They also posted a narrower than expected loss. But, again, when you're looking at a return of 257% since the start of the year, you could give back some of those gains. And that's why we're seeing the stock off just about 13%, Diane.

- Yeah. Definitely there was some room for giveback there.