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Powerful tornado plows through Dallas

A tornado ripped through Texas on Sunday (October 20) leaving a trail of destruction through northern Dallas.

The warning went out at around 9 p.m., with residents told to take shelter


"It started shaking kind of like an earthquake, moving the house around and a lot of whistling, all that wind and you could hear branches hitting the windows, I thought the roof was gonna fall off."

Officials say the storm knocked out power to more than 100,000 homes and businesses and delayed flights at nearby airports.


"The experience was awful, we were inside and it was just like out of a movie and we heard this strong wind and we didn't know it was a tornado and this would happen and our fence from the back it was completely destroyed."

According to emergency responders there have been no injuries or deaths reported so far

But police and firefighters went door-to-door in some neighborhoods to check on residents.