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Retailers continue climb, Lucid and Canoo EVs boosted, travel and cruise lines take hit

Yahoo Finance Live's Jared Blikre runs down earnings in the retail, EV, and cruise line sectors.

Video transcript

AKIKO FUJITA: We are seeing some of the gains accelerate in the afternoon session with the Dow now up more than 200 points. The NASDAQ up more than 100 points there. Jared, I know you've been watching some of these moves really closely. Retail, a big focus today, not just because of the retail sales print we got out this morning but because some big earnings reporting before the bell.

JARED BLIKRE: That's right and specifically, Home Depot and Walmart. And I'm looking at our retail heatmap here on the Wi-Fi interactive and some dark green. Home Depot, let's start there, up 6%. The comps just incredible. You can see that stock up nearly 50% year to date. And then you contrast that with Walmart. That stock is down about 3%. Some margin pressures, some fears about that, but also building up their inventory making sure to say that they will have enough for the consumer during this holiday season. You can see on your screen really just trending sideways year to date, kind of in the upper to middle part of its range there.

And then you compare that with another competitor of Home Depot, this is Lowe's. That stock got sent to a record high along with Home Depot and it's up a similar percentage. You can see up 52% year to date. I think we're going to get their earnings tomorrow morning along with Target. Here's another one, Wayfair. That's talked really just trending sideways. Like Walmart, year to date up 20% over the last three years. Let's see if we can get-- there we go. Really just broke to the upside and has kind of trended sideways as I said there, for the last year.

Well, let's take a look now at the sector action and sort by equal weight here. There we go. Consumer discretionary, which houses all these retail stocks that we've been talking about, that is the big leader here. That's up 1.5%, followed by tech, health care and energy. Those are all outperforming today. So interesting to see some of the mega caps along with some of the value stocks outperforming.

To the downside, consumers-- excuse me, communication services, that's the housing of Alphabet and also Facebook, that sector is down about half a percent. So is retail-- excuse me, real estate staples and utilities. So the defensive sectors except for communication services, lagging. That's what you want to see in a rally. So all around, fairly bullish price action.

Well, this is a NASDAQ 100. And we can see here some of the standouts. Tesla up 2.6%, clawing back some of those losses that we saw from last week and the week before. Elon Musk's selling more shares. Now, here's our EV heat map. And we're seeing a lot of movement here. Look at Lucid coming off of another blockbuster day and see that stock now climbing towards those record highs that we saw in January and February of this year. Excuse me that's when we had that huge EV push. So Lucid really just on a tear, as you can see.

Also go EV, Canoe. That stock is up to $9.64. They've had a little bit of a rough time here. So not quite above that $10 IPO price of the SPAC, but nevertheless, that stock of up 14% today. And then just checking in on the travel sector.

Let me convert this to a market view. Here we go. Carnival Cruise lines down over 3%. So is American Airlines. But Norwegian cruise lines down 8% and we've seen a number of these travel stocks just get sent both to the upside and to the downside. A lot of volatility in that sector, not only this year, but as of late, Akiko.

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