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Stock markets trend lower, regional bank stocks stay in the green in the morning trading session

Yahoo Finance Live's Julie Hyman looks at movers and stocks to watch in the market today, including SoFi Technologies, ONEOK, Magellan Midstream Partners, First Solar, and PacWest Bancorp.

Video transcript

JULIE HYMAN: We're not seeing the markets do a heck of a lot today in terms of overall index-level price action. That says investors are waiting for results from retailers this week, as well as the overall government retail sales numbers.

So I'm taking a look at some individual movers here. We talked about SoFi technologies a little bit earlier after that downgrade to underperform. And the shares down about 2% year-to-date. Today, they're off by about 10%.

We also have a big deal in the pipeline industry-- $18.8 million in cash and stock. That's how much Oneok is paying for Magellan Midstream Partners. You're looking at Oneok for the year-to-date. It's down about 7% today. Magellan, as you might expect, is up about 15% in today's session.

So two big resource deals today. The gold one that we talked about earlier, Newmont acquiring Newcrest of Australia. And then this one in pipelines, as well. And then some of these are sort of feed throughs from Friday for solar, for example, which saw a big boost on Friday. It's coming down a little bit today by about 2 and 1/2%.

Elsewhere today in what we are watching on some of the heatmaps that I'm looking at-- you know I keep looking at these regional banks and see how they're doing day by day. And I don't see any red on this screen. That's the first time in a little while that we have seen that is the case. PacWest, for example, that's one of those stocks we've been watching very, very closely. Right now, it's up 6 and 1/2%.

As I mentioned, retail earnings are on deck this week. Target, Walmart, Home Depot they are all set to report.