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Stocks in focus: DiDi, GrubHub, Exxon Mobile, Eli Lilly

Yahoo Finance's Emily McCormick and Adam Shapiro break down their stock picks for the day.

Video transcript

EMILY MCCORMICK: It's time now for our "2 & 2," two stocks I'm watching and stocks Adam is watching during today's session. Now let's take a look at shares of DIDI Global. Now this stock is off session highs, but still up intraday after the "South China Morning Post" reported that DIDI plans to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the second quarter.

Now, we knew that as of December, DIDI was planning on delisting from the New York Stock Exchange. That announcement came just six months after DIDI listed on a US exchange in an IPO that had raised about $4.4 billion. Now shares have come under pressure since then, mostly due to heightened regulatory scrutiny out of Beijing, which included at least temporarily removing DIDI's ride-hailing app from app stores in China. Over the last six months, the stock is down about 55%.

But this latest report that DIDI may have a more concrete timeline for a new public listing outside of the US is now sending shares higher by about 1.3% this afternoon. The "South China Morning Post" did also note that financial terms of this proposed new listing are still being considered.

Now let's take a look at shares of another company in the broader ride-hailing food-delivery space. And that's Just Eat Takeaway. Now that ticker is GRUB after Just Eat Takeaway recently acquired Grubhub, and those shares are rising after the company maintained its 2022 guidance even as fourth-quarter orders missed estimates. Now orders were up 14% over last year to reach nearly 274 million, versus consensus estimates for about 295 million.

But in terms of that 2022 forecast, Just Eat Takeaway said that it expects 2021 was the peak year of losses, with 2022 adjusted EBITDA margin set to improve and that long-term growth-- a group adjusted EBITDA margin will come in in excess of 5% of gross transaction value. And those shares are currently up about 4% during intraday trading. Adam?

ADAM SHAPIRO: Emily, take a look at oil-- black gold, Texas tea. Let's check out ExxonMobil right now. So the shares are trending down. They're actually off about half a percent. Here's what's been going on. We saw Brent break $85 a barrel today we saw WTI break $83 a barrel today.

But we learned yesterday-- Reuters was the organization that broke this news-- that the top US oil producer, ExxonMobil Mobil is divesting part of their US portfolio. They're planning to sell shale and gas properties which stretch across thousands and thousands of acres in Ohio and the Appalachian basin. The value of all of this, about $200 million. But they are going to sell those assets. So that's part of what might be putting pressure right now on ExxonMobil.

Then take a look at Eli Lilly. This is the Indianapolis-based drug maker, the pharmaceutical company. Their shares were down about 3% at the opening bell, still hovering down around there. The stock broke their 50-day moving average just a couple of weeks ago, but it's up 8% in the last three months. But the news yesterday doesn't involve Eli Lilly. It was the news on Biogen's Alzheimer's drug that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The decision that they're only going to allow the drug in limited-use does impact Eli Lilly, because they have a pharmaceutical which, as Bernstein analyst Aaron Gall has pointed out, uses the same the kind of platform to deliver the drug could be impacted by this. Gall also said the stock impact will be more moderate as the story is far less geared to near-term ramp-up of their drugs. So Eli Lilly under pressure today. Emily.

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