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Stocks to watch in after hours: AMD, Twitter, WTI crude oil, Peloton

Seana Smith checks out several stocks and sectors trending in the after-hours trading session, including the semiconductor industry following President Biden's export restrictions on China.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Let's take a look at some of the biggest movers of the week. Investors have been on quite a roller coaster ride here. So let's kick it off with some of the biggest moves that we've seen play out in the markets. Let's start with the chip stocks because it has been a rude awakening for investors who thought that the sector may have bottomed. Signs of slowing demand and supply chain issues have some worried about a prolonged downturn.

You can see the Semiconductor Index moving to the downside here on the five-day chart. Samsung reported a 32% dive in operating income. AMD lowered its revenue guidance for the third quarter. That was enough to drag down some of its competitors. Intel and Nvidia both moving to the downside. You can see the move over the last 48 hours or so.

Also part of this are regulations from the Biden administration, clamping down on China's access to chip technology with new export rules. AMD dropping 14% today, the biggest drop that we have seen in this stock since March 2020, closing the week at 58.44.

Next up, let's talk about Twitter, this stock up just about 12% over the past five days, a revived chance of Elon Musk's takeover. But this deal is very far from being over. They now seem to have stalled, in part over a debt financing contingency. This is according to reports. Yesterday, a Delaware judge granted Musk's request to delay his trial with Twitter, giving both sides until October 28 to complete the deal. Over the past five days, you can see it up just about 12%, closing at 49.18, so below that deal price that Musk initially wanted to pay for Twitter at 54.20 a share.

Let's talk about oil, recording the biggest weekly rally that we have seen since March, as worries over supply offset some of those demand concerns. On the supply side, OPEC+ announcing its biggest output cut since the start of the pandemic, the move coming ahead of the impending European sanctions on Russian oil imports. It's a massive reversal from what we've seen in crude as of late. Over the past three months, you can see crude off just over 10%, coming off the worst quarter that we have seen since 2020, but really rallying on the news that we got this week.

Let's round it out with Peloton, the stock surging more than 20%. Two big announcements-- we started off the week with a partnership with Hilton. And then we heard about another round of cuts. CEO Larry Barry McCarthy announcing plans to cut about 12% of the workforce, its fourth round of layoffs this year, saying, quote, "He needs to do it to save the company."

One of the ways that they're trying to save the company and increase business is through new partnerships. The agreement with Hilton will put its bikes in 5,400 Hilton-owned hotels throughout the US. You can see Peloton moving to the upside for the past five days, up just around 25%. You can see it did close the day in negative territory, but for the week, closing at $8.69 a share.