Strikes block Paris' Louvre, leaving some tourist uproar

The world famous Louvre Museum in Paris shut its doors on Friday morning (January 17) after striking staff blocked the entrance.

The French trade union strikes taking place across the country are in their seventh week, against planned labour and pension reforms

Hundreds of tourists, many who'd paid in advance were left queuing outside, unsure if the museum would reopen again anytime soon.


"I want money now! I want the time, the money for time, no ticket!"

And some were becoming visibly angry,


"I paid for the hotel, the train and the ticket (to the Louvre) are they going to reimburse me? I ask for the 500 euros that I spent to be here today. All this to end up outside."

Despite the inconvenience to their day, others expressed support for the strikers.


For us it's annoying to come to Paris and find the Louvre closed, but I support them, I understand them perfectly.

The industrial action has lost some of its momentum since President Emmanuel Macron's government made a concession over the age of retirement.

Weeks without a paycheck has also pressured some strikers to return to work.

The museum said tickets bought for the day would be fully reimbursed,

But that will be of little consolation for many visitors who'd come to see the famous exhibitions inside and were left with little to smile about.