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Tonga volcano eruption kills 3, deadly airstrikes in Yemen, Israeli study finds 4th COVID shot less effective

Akiko Fujita reports on trending world news stories, including three people found dead in a massive volcanic eruption in Tonga, deadly airstrikes in Yemen, and a study that shows a fourth COVID-19 shot is less effective against Omicron.

Video transcript

AKIKO FUJITA: In our "Worldview" today, three people have been confirmed dead in Tonga following the world's largest volcanic eruption in more than 30 years. New aerial images show the extent of the damage, with volcanic ash blanketing communities throughout Tonga's islands, while hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

The damage has delayed the delivery of humanitarian aid to the island nation. Communication remains a key hurdle with a critical underwater cable damaged in the eruption, leading to an internet blackout. The explosion over the weekend triggered tsunami waves as far away as Japan and the US.

Airstrikes in Yemen have killed nearly 20 people in the deadliest attack in Sana since 2019. A Saudi-led coalition carried out the attacks in retaliation for a Houthi drone attack in the United Arab Emirates Monday that killed three migrant workers and injured six others. The airstrikes in Sana triggered a high ranking Houthi military official-- or targeted, I should, say a high-ranking Houthi military official and killed his wife as well as 25-year-old son. The Houthis are heavily backed by Iran. And the violence comes as talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran enter a critical juncture and Washington looks to revive that nuclear deal with Tehran.

Israel is continuing its rollout of a fourth COVID-19 vaccine despite a new study that says it doesn't prevent infections from the Omicron variant. A preliminary study by an Israeli hospital found the fourth shot increase antibodies to higher levels than the third shot. But that level wasn't high enough to provide full immunity from Omicron.

Israel has seen a spike in Omicron cases with record infections reported in recent weeks, though the number of patients who've gotten seriously ill have been largely limited. The government says more than half a million people have gotten their fourth shot since Israel became the first country to roll out the second booster last year.

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