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U.S. Space Force releases ‘Semper Supra’ sing-along official song

Yahoo Finance Live’s Akiko Fujita discusses the release of the U.S. Space Force’s official sign-along song, ‘Semer Supra’.

Video transcript


- Well, time now for a quick detour. Our look at the hidden headlines you need to know. Interesting one today. The newest branch of the US military releasing its very own, yes, sing-along space song.

The US Space Force's new tune is called "Semper Supra", that's Latin "for always above". And despite the lofty name, online reception has been below what the military branch may have expected. The US Space Force is no stranger to online pushback, having earlier released a uniform design that attracted criticism for using camouflage in space.

And as I had to go back and read this, because if you'll recall, when the Space Force was first created in 2019, a lot of pushback for Donald Trump. He said this is one of his proudest accomplishments then. There was actually a Netflix series called "Space Force".

It kind of spawned it, right? So that seems kind of on brand if we're talking about a song. I don't know if that's what's going to get people excited about the Space Force.

- Well, the song, I read a comment online that said that somebody should do a remix of the song with "Star Wars" and lightsabers and the pew-pew. It would be interesting.

- We can't play the song because of rights issues, but you can go check that out online.