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THE FINALS® From Nexon’s Embark Studios is Available Now Worldwide

The #1 Most Anticipated Game is Available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5

TOKYO, December 08, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NEXON Co., Ltd. (Nexon) (3659.TO), a global leader in Virtual Worlds, today announced the immediate release of THE FINALS®, a new free-to-play, team-based shooter set in the ultimate combat entertainment game show.

Developed by Nexon’s Embark Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, THE FINALS® is available now on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Season 1 of THE FINALS® celebrates the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas with all the neon lights, slot machines, boxers, UFOs, plus an all-you-can-eat buffet of destruction and mayhem, and the first hints of the mystery behind the world’s most explosive game show. Additional arenas include Monaco on the banks of the French Riviera and the skyscrapers above Seoul, South Korea.

A massively popular open beta last month skyrocketed THE FINALS® into the most wishlisted game on Steam, establishing the title as THE hot new FPS.


"Nexon’s objective has always been to make deeply immersive Virtual Worlds that grow for decades," said Owen Mahoney, President and CEO of Nexon. "As excited as we are about the early feedback for THE FINALS, our focus is to build an online experience that will continuously become deeper and more fun for many years into the future."

"We started Embark to re-imagine how games are made and what they can become. THE FINALS is our first game to release, and a great embodiment of that vision," said Embark Creative Director Gustav Tilleby. "THE FINALS isn’t another battle royale, military sim, or tactical FPS – there are plenty of those out there. It’s an entirely new take on shooters. It’s been amazing and humbling to see the response from the community over the past year of testing. Now that the game is live, we’re laser-focused on ensuring a great experience for our community, with many surprises along the way."

In THE FINALS®, contestants compete in virtual arenas based on real-world iconic locations. They battle it out in fully destructible environments powered by Embark’s server-side destruction & movement technology that ensures every player experiences the action simultaneously – whether it’s a piece of furniture being blown apart or an entire building collapsing. Players create their own, unique contestant — from stealthy sword-wielding ballerinas to lethal pandas armed with rocket launchers.

THE FINALS® is available now on Steam, the Xbox Game Store, and the PlayStation Store.
For details, visit THE FINALS® official website and SNS.

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About Embark Studios AB

Embark Studios AB (Stockholm, Sweden) was founded in November 2018 by industry veterans Patrick Söderlund, Rob Runesson, Stefan Strandberg, Jenny Huldschiner, Johan Andersson, and Magnus Nordin. Today Embark Studios has more than 250 game-makers applying breakthrough technologies to reimagine how games are made and what they can become. In 2021, Embark was acquired in full by NEXON Co., Ltd. In 2023, released THE FINALS®, its first game, and it has another two experiences in production — the PvPvE survival action shooter ARC Raiders® and the creative platform wim®.

About NEXON Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1994, NEXON Co., Ltd. (Nexon) (3659.TO) is a company engaged in the production, development and operation of online games and Virtual Worlds. First listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2011, Nexon was placed on JPX400 in 2015 and added to the Nikkei Stock Index 300 in 2017. In 2020, Nexon was added to the Nikkei 225. Nexon currently has more than 50 live games in more than 190 countries on PC, console, and mobile. Major game franchises include MapleStory, KartRider and Dungeon&Fighter. In 2021, Nexon completed the acquisition of Embark Studios AB, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden, developing multiple projects for global release.

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