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    'Full court press': From Davos, India commands the attention of global investors

    At a unique edition of the World Economic Forum in Davos, India makes its play as a rising leader in global business.

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    3 Big Mistakes I Made When Buying My First House

    Image source: Getty Images When I bought my first home, I wasn't very skilled in financial matters and I was simply eager to purchase a property as soon as I could. I was excited about the house, but unfortunately I didn't make the best decisions when it came to buying it.

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    U.S. Rents Just Hit a Record High. Here's When to Consider Moving

    In April, the national median rent rose to $1,827, according to Also, many property owners are seeing their own costs increase, and are passing those costs along to their tenants. Because home values are up on a national level, some homeowners are already seeing their property taxes rise -- and so they're raising rents to compensate.