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Kelly Rizzo Reveals Why She Decided to Be Child-Free After Meeting Bob Saget: 'Made the Right Choice'

The podcaster discusses the reservations she had up to meeting Saget and how that changed things for her

<p>Cindy Ord/WireImage</p> Kelly Rizzo

Cindy Ord/WireImage

Kelly Rizzo

Kelly Rizzo is opening up about how she came to the decision to be child-free.

Opening up in a TikTok video shared on Wednesday, March 27, the Comfort Food podcaster, 44, talked about her journey to making the decision not to have kids.

"There's still this weird stigma around this conversation of being child-free," Rizzo began, explaining her hope that her story would provide perspective.

"Like most people growing up my whole life, I just assumed I would have kids. It's just what you do. Everyone has a kid," she shared, recalling not feeling that calling at that time in her life.


She remembered thinking, "I don't really relate to babies, and it just doesn't look really fun for me, but I guess I'm just gonna do it then."

In her mid-30s, Rizzo met her late husband Bob Saget, who already had three adult children with his ex-wife Sherri Kramer.

"Even though, at this point, I was not feeling like I wanted kids, I still wanted the option. And so he's like, 'Okay, the option is there.'"

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When it came time for Rizzo to move to Los Angeles, where the Full House star resided, he revisited the conversation with a different conclusion.

"[He said,] 'I can't have kids anymore. No more kids for me. I'm done.' And I totally didn't blame him. I totally understood. I wouldn't want to be pushing a stroller in my 60s."

Noting that she came to a place where a decision would have to be made, she said it reminded her of "the Sex and the City episode where Carrie's dating Aleksandr Petrovsky and he doesn't want more kids. She and Charlotte are talking and Charlotte's like, 'I don't understand, how could you give up a baby for a man you hardly know,' and Carrie said, 'How could I give up a man I love for a baby I hardly know I want?'"

"I was like, 'That's it, that's it right there,' " Rizzo continued. "So, I made the right choice. I chose Bob, of course, and even after he passed away, I have actually been more convicted in my decision of not having kids."

Rizzo noted grieving was incredibly difficult in and of itself without "having small children or babies at home," adding, "I was just able to focus on myself."

She also noted that as a stepparent to Saget's three kids and an aunt to more kids, "I'm very fulfilled in all those aspects."

"Especially in this next chapter of my life and in my current situation, it's just so much better for me not to have kids and to be child-free. It just makes much more sense for my life."

<p>Leon Bennett/Getty Images</p> Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo in December 2021

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo in December 2021

Rizzo noted she's often asked about possible "regrets" around the decision, but she's realized, "You can't plan life."

"There's no guarantee that having kids, they're gonna take care of you when you're old," she pointed out, saying she'll lean on her family if and when that's needed.

Concluding, Rizzo said, "I know I've touched on it a bit over the years but never really explained how I got to this point. If there's other people out there who are experiencing something similar, or also on this journey and feel that they're alone because they're getting some grief about it, you're not alone."

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