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Amazon reports mixed Q4 earnings, revenue beat

Yahoo Finance Live looks to Amazon shares following the tech giant's latest earnings report.

Video transcript


- But I want to break Amazon's results. Reporting fourth quarter sales that beat the street's expectations. $149.2 billion. That's up 8.6% year over year. The estimate out there was for $145.8 billion. When it comes to AWS, that was a very closely watched metric here. In this report a bit light $21.83 billion. [INAUDIBLE] out there was four $21.76 billion. That could be why we're seeing some pressure on the stock here in extended trading.

Online store sales $64.53 billion. That's off about 2.3% year over year. The estimate out there was for $65.03 billion. Taking a look at some of these other numbers here in terms of where they are seeing sales headed in the current quarter here. They forecast net sales in the current quarter to be $121 billion to $126 billion. The estimate was for $125.55 billion there. So pretty much in line with what the street was looking for. But again, we are seeing the sales at the stock off just about 1.5% in extended trading.

- All right, so that is Amazon.