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HPE, Nvidia team up for a portfolio of AI offerings

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Nvidia (NVDA) are teaming up. The two companies announced a portfolio of products that integrate their technologies to help customers build and expand their own AI offerings.

Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman and Josh Lipton discuss what the companies will be offering.

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This post was written by Stephanie Mikulich.

Video transcript

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is what we're talking about here.

The company announcing it's teaming up with NVIDIA to offer a set of integrated A I hardware and software tools for its customers.


H pe not up very much though on this.

Uh Despite trying to Sprinkle that NVIDIA Pixie dust, so to speak.

I don't, you know more about this deal than I do.

Well, I, I know more but listen, it's, it's, it sounds kind of wonky.

So I did call our uh Patrick Moorhead tech guru friend of the show and, and, and I wanted Patrick's tech and basically, here's how he explained this.

If you're a company and you wanted to, you wanna create your own internal private A I system, you could now turn to H Pe and NVIDIA for help and basically go to them and say, listen, I, I need the software, the hardware, the services to do it and that's what they're gonna offer you, they're gonna offer you the stack.

And I sort of asked Patrick, OK, bottom like, what does that actually mean for investors?

Like you're in NVIDIA?

He actually said for NVIDIA, this is pretty good news because in his opinion.

He, you know, he we should mention he's at H PE S conference in Vegas where, where this was announced as Patrick said, you know, this is he was in the audience and he said, you know, this is a pretty, at least on paper here.

This sounds like a pretty smart, simple and comprehensive way for Jensen Wong to get his tech into the enterprise.

We know he's in with those big cloud giants.

But now with this, he said, helps him may maybe give him more of a foothold in the enterprise as well.

He also did think it, it was good news for H PE again, at least in theory, the idea of it because again, it's sort of comprehensive offering, we'll have to see what, what is the positive financial impact, you know, we, we'll find out.


Well, H pe shares are up this year but not as much as NVIDIA, for example, they're up like 30% or so.

Although reporting had a nice rip off that of that report.