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Nasdaq 100 on track for its best week since March 2010

Yahoo Finance’s Ines Ferre joins the Live show to break down the best performers of the Nasdaq 100.

Video transcript

- The market is set to end March on a high note, despite pressures from the recent bank failures. And here to break down the best performers amid the banking mayhem is Yahoo Finance's Ines Ferre. Ines, take it away.

INES FERRE: Jared, technology, communication services-- those are the big winners for this quarter in anticipation of a Fed pivot-- perhaps lower interest rates going forward, yields on the 10-year coming down a bit, the US dollar index coming down a bit. But all of this has really helped fuel that tech rally.


I'm going to pull up on our YFi interactive a year-to-date so you can see technology-- XLK, XLC up 20% for each. Over on the Nasdaq 100, the mega-caps on the left-hand side of the screen-- these are the big winners. And you can see the biggest winners-- Meta, up 74%. You've also got Tesla that's up 60%, and Nvidia up 87%. Said another way, Jared, I know that you put a really neat chart up so you can see the top 10 Nasdaq 100 stocks in 2023 accounting for 88% of the gains. So you can see the breadth of this rally sort of contained to those big names.

As far as losers for the quarter, well, there were plenty of those. But those are more contained within the following sectors-- energy, down 5.7% for XLE, and, of course, financials-- XLF, down 6 and 1/2%. And within those financials, the regional banks are really the biggest losers. And if you just pull up an [INAUDIBLE] here, you can see FRC-- this is First Republic-- down 88% for the quarter under tremendous amount of stress after the collapse of SVB and also Signature Bank.

And then finally I just want to pull up our trending tickers because here is where you kind of get individual storylines also sort of highlighting the liquidity or credit crunch, as you will, or funding or lack of easy money. And this is where you see equity sales going forward.

So Nikola just announced that it will be having an equity sale, and it's down 12%. But year to date, you can see-- down 43% for Nikola. Then you've also got-- I want to show BBBY-- Bed Bath & Beyond because that is also down for the quarter considerably.

It's now trading like a penny stock after tapping the public markets yesterday, warning that if it didn't consummate a stock offering that it would face bankruptcy. Another company that's now trading like a penny stock, down about 15%. Can't find it on the chart right now, but nevertheless, Jared.

- We believe you, Ines. And really shocking to see those regional bank losses for the quarter there. Thank you for that.