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Nike and Tiffany & Co. collab on new pair of $400 sneakers

Yahoo Finance Live anchors break down the leaked details of Nike's latest collaboration with Tiffany & Co. to create a new pair of sneakers and accessories, which LeBron James has already been spotted wearing.

Video transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: Tiffany's legendary little blue box gets a bit bigger when it meets arguably the world's most recognizable logo, the swoosh, in what they're calling a legendary pair. Images leaked of the forthcoming Nike x Tiffany and Co Air Force One 1837s set for release on March 7th. The killer collab comes in black suede accented by sterling silver badges on each heel.

Tiffany's Instagram, as you can see, unveiling the essentials kit, complete with a shoehorn, a shoe brush, a whistle, and something called a deubré, which apparently is a metal shoelace ornament sort of thing commonly found on Air Force Ones. The shoes are expected to retail for 400 bucks at Tiffany's two New York City flagship stores, select Nike retailers, and the Nike sneakers app, and will sell out probably like Taylor Swift tickets.


SEANA SMITH: They certainly probably will, especially if you have anything to do with it. Well, LeBron James is the first to be seen in anything from this collaboration, he showed up to last night's Lakers and Knicks game in New York City wearing a Tiffany and Nike branded varsity jacket. Dave, this is something that I know you are very, very excited about. Why do you think that this is such a game changer? And there will be so much demand for this because to be totally honest, I'm not sold.



DAVE BRIGGS: I actually think this might be the GOAT collaboration in the fashion industry.


DAVE BRIGGS: Because when I think of close second place would be Gucci and Adidas, which was a pretty big one. I just think you have-- well, what you have is Nike, the world's most valuable apparel company, combined with LVMH, really the king of luxury brands in the world. And I think that, just that elite feeling of just next level something I can't have, something that looks great, feels great, this will sell out in minutes on the sneakers app and will probably add a zero to the price once they're sold on that.

SEANA SMITH: You know, I think I'm just not sold because the majority of the sneaker is black, which is the little swoosh there that has a Tiffany blue. I don't know if-- I might have designed it a little bit differently. But you're right. They're probably going to go out--

DAVE BRIGGS: I wouldn't mind Tiffany blue suede with the white swoosh. Is that what you were thinking?

SEANA SMITH: Ah, yes, that's what I was thinking. And I think it would be a little bit nicer, but we'll see.