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Stocks moving in after hours: Costco, Cano Health, DocuSign, Freshpet

Yahoo Finance's Seana Smith breaks down trending tickers moving in after hours trading.

Video transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: Let's get over to Seana and see what's moving after hours. Seana?

SEANA SMITH: All right, Dave, we have four stocks for you here this afternoon-- Costco, Cano Health, DocuSign, and Freshpet. So let's kick it off with Costco. You can see shares off just about 2 and 1/2% here after hours. The stock releasing earnings that actually weren't that bad, beating on both the top and the bottom lines. EPS of 420, the estimate was for 414, so just a slight beat there.

Revenue also coming in just better than expected, 72.1 billion. Estimate on the Street was for 71.89 billion. Lower gas prices at Costco stores helping to boost sales here during the quarter. The past six months, the stock is in the green, up nearly 6%. Year to date, taking a look at shares, in the red, off just about 14%, so faring better than the broader market.


Let's take a look at Cano Health here, the stock popping in the final hour of trading. A report here from the Wall Street Journal saying that Humana could actually potentially be looking at buying this company. On an intraday basis, you can see the pop here in the final hour of trading, closing up just about 32%. The jump here right before the close, giving Cano Health a market cap of just around 5 billion. Again, Wall Street Journal saying that this could potentially-- this deal could come about within the next several weeks. So certainly a stock to keep your eye on.

DocuSign announcing a new CEO here, hiring a former Google executive, Allan Thygesen, here. He will become the new CEO of DocuSign effective October 10. And now the board saying in a statement that they believe Allan is the right leader to help DocuSign continue to capture the massive market opportunity that lies ahead. Remember that this was a stock that really was a pandemic favorite, looking back at 2020, early 2021, hitting the highs of the last two years. The past two years, though, really, the past year, has been a little bit troublesome here for the company, with shares off just about 74%.

And taking a look at Freshpet, again, news breaking in the final hour of trading. You can see shares spiking there, closing the day up just around 16%. Now there's a report out from Dow Jones saying that the activist investor, JANA Partners, taking a 10% stake in the company. If you're not familiar with Freshpet, it is a pet food company. Now JANA Partners is pushing for changes, a possible sale, thinking that the company could be attractive to bigger players in this space. It's certainly been a tough year for Freshpet. Take a look at that, with shares off just about 70%.