New Zealand markets closed
  • NZX 50

    -166.38 (-1.40%)

    -0.0023 (-0.38%)

    -31.20 (-0.39%)
  • OIL

    -0.28 (-0.36%)
  • GOLD

    -16.40 (-0.70%)

Stocks trade higher ahead of Memorial Day weekend

Yahoo Finance Live co-host Seana Smith takes a look at market trends ahead of Friday's closing bell.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Let's get you up to speed on the final hour of trading. As we count down to the holiday weekend, you're looking at gains across the board. Traders, investors really betting on the fact that they are hopeful that lawmakers will be able to reach a deal on the debt ceiling down in DC.

You're looking at the Dow up 334 points, S&P up over 1%. But take a look at the outperformance from the NASDAQ. Once again today and similar to yesterday, it's the same story.

AI frenzy really fueling the rally that we are seeing in tech names today. Marvell Technology is a clear winner in today's action on the heels, the results that we got from NVIDIA pointing to much further growth here in the future. So that's driving today's action. Again, the Dow up 330 points, Akiko.