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Taco Bell rewards members vote on return of throwback item, McDonald's collabs with Cactus Plant Flea Market

Yahoo Finance's Brooke DiPalma discusses Taco Bell's initiative to bring back one throwback item of its rewards members' choosing, plus McDonald's new Happy Meals for adults featuring a collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market.

Video transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: Rival Mexican restaurant Taco Bell allowing fans to choose which former menu item will return for a limited time. Brooke DiPalma here with the details. Tell me it's those cinnamon crispas. Tell me it's those cinnamon chips.

BROOKE DIPALMA: I am so sorry, but it is--


BROOKE DIPALMA: --neither of those. Reward members actually can only choose between the double decker taco or the enchurrito. So this starts today. Reward members can go on the app and choose. Now a double decker taco was introduced in 1995 as a limited time offering, reintroduced in 2006. The enchurrito had a longer run, a 40-year run. It hit the menu in 1970, left the menu in 2013.

This comes after the mega success of the limited time offering, the Mexican pizza earlier this year. Yum Brands CEO noting that demand for the Mexican pizza was seven times previous levels, reaching over 20 million pizzas sold nationwide, with some stores selling out within a week, creating a sustained positive halo for the brand. So perhaps Taco Bell allowing members to choose which one will become a permanent menu item. This ends October 7. And then menus at participating locations will have the chosen winner later on this year.

SEANA SMITH: Well, I was really, really hoping for the pizza, but both of those options sound good to me. All right, Brooke, Taco Bell is not the only one that's trying to cash in on this nostalgia craze. We got news out from McDonald's. They're trying to sell happy meals to adults. What can you tell us?

BROOKE DIPALMA: That's right. So these are Happy Meal inspired, but they are adult meals here, of course, Happy Meal coming out of 1979. So McDonald's really trying to hit nostalgia as well here. This is a collaboration with the streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market. So this is a new boxed meal, they're calling it, designed specifically for adult fans. So starting October 3, the box will be available in restaurants, drive thrus, buy delivery, or on the McDonald's app while supplies last.

Now, customers can choose between a Big Mac or a 10-piece chicken nugget to go into this box, and of course what they coined, alongside their world famous fries. But here's the catch here. This is in collaboration with that Cactus Plant Flea. So it will also come with one of four collectible figurines. The true nostalgic part here, it'll include either Grimace the Hamburglar, Birdie, or a newcomer, the Cactus Buddy, of course, playing on Cactus Plant Flea Market's name.

Now, along with this launch, there will also be merchandise available. Of course, we've seen McDonald's try this earlier this year with their Sichuan sauce. They also recently unveiled the cheese danish. So really looking to tap into Gen Z and capture that nostalgia as well. But I have to ask, are any of you planning to stand by October 3 and get this drop?

DAVE BRIGGS: Yeah, buddy.


DAVE BRIGGS: The Hamburglar is awesome.

SEANA SMITH: I like it.

DAVE BRIGGS: I love the Hamburglar.

BROOKE DIPALMA: It's important to remember that this flea market also teamed up with Ye, Kanye West, of course. They also collaborated with Supreme, Nike. So these do sell out fast. So if you are planning on it, be sure to log in October 3 for sure.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: All right, thank you, Brooke DiPalma there. Thanks so much.