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How Target's Circle 360 compares to Amazon Prime, Walmart+

Target (TGT) launched its Circle 360 membership last week, the retailer's latest loyalty program subscription service. Yahoo Finance Personal Finance Editor Molly Moorhead joins Wealth! to compare Target's latest membership program and its perks with that of Walmart+ (WMT) and Amazon Prime (AMZN).

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This post was written by Luke Carberry Mogan.

Video transcript

- Everyone, it's 2024. Anything you order can be at your house in just a couple of hours, I know, and a few minutes, as well. But at a price. Amazon, Walmart, and most recently Target, are all duking it out for your business. To break down the differences, we've got Yahoo Finance's very own Molly Moorhead here with us. Hey, Molly.


MOLLY MOORHEAD: Hey, Brad. So yeah, this week Target unveiled the Target Circle 360 membership program, which is meant to go head-to-head with Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime. It's an annual subscription. It gets you delivery on items to your house included in your subscription price. And before you go adding another subscription to your monthly bills, it's a good idea to compare them.

And so this new program from Target is $99 a year. Pretty similar to Walmart, which is $98, and Amazon Prime is $139. They all get you free same day or next day shipping, and generally more generous return policies when you want to send something back. So that's where they're all similar.

- OK, so what about--


- Oh, I'm sorry, go ahead. Broke up there for a second. Go ahead.

MOLLY MOORHEAD: No, I was just going to say each of them has a discounted tier for different groups. Like Target credit card holders get a discount on their membership as well as like students, people on government assistance.

- So what about any extras? What unique perks do these programs offer as well?

MOLLY MOORHEAD: Yeah. This could be the deciding factor, right? Target gets you shipping from its partner Shipped, which has deals with lots of other retailers. So Costco, Petco, Sephora, lots of places. So you can get delivery from those places with your Target membership. Walmart Plus gets you a streaming subscription to Paramount Plus, and Prime gets you a subscription to Prime Video, Prime, Amazon Music. So those are where they differ, and you might want to think about what your individual shopping habits are.

- Molly Moorhead, thanks so much. I don't know, this might, might get me to kick the tires on an Amazon Prime subscription. We'll see. I'll report back for you. Thanks so much, Molly.

MOLLY MOORHEAD: All right. You let me know.

- All right. Will do.