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Domino's Pizza to buy EV fleet from General Motors

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Domino’s investing in EVs for some U.S. locations in an effort to help attract advisers and deal advertisers.

Video transcript

JULIE HYMAN: Domino's Pizza is investing in electric vehicles for some of its US locations in an effort to help attract advisors and deal advertisers and deal with an industry wide worker shortage. The pizza chain said it will buy 800 Chevy Bolts and order more from GM in the future. This is according to the Wall Street Journal. Interesting here that they're making these moves.

BRIAN SOZZI: I would just push back on this a little bit. You know, Domino's came out a couple-- I think it was 2015 or 2016 when they came out with these new cars that had pizza warming ovens. And they made this splashy press release, and nothing really ever came of it. And I know that sounds good today, and it's good to see them moving electric, but I would like to see the actual delivery of these vehicles and actually see them on the road before I'm a believer.

BRAD SMITH: It's not their major-- their first major auto manufacturer partnership. They had one with Domino's and Ford. It was in 2017-- 2018, actually, I think it was, where they were testing some of the autonomous vehicle delivery. They'd also tested something with Nuro as well. And so it really just does come down to, is my pizza still going to be hot when it gets there?

BRIAN SOZZI: Just cook it on one of those EV batteries. It'll be good to go. Good to go. Sizzling.

BRAD SMITH: Just make sure the front has an extra battery--


--to have a warming and cooling system.

BRIAN SOZZI: A little-- what, the Bolts had fire problems, right? Got recalled a couple of times.

JULIE HYMAN: Yeah, I don't remember.

BRIAN SOZZI: I'd love a piece of one of those.

JULIE HYMAN: Was it the Volt or the Bolt?