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12 questions that need answering in You season 4 part 2

Contains a LOT of spoilers

It's felt like an eternity, but Netflix's You is finally back on our screens for season four and we could not be excited.

This time Joe (Penn Badgley) has got a whole new look (we're loving the beard) and has moved to London after following Marienne to Paris. Whilst teaching English he falls in with a group of rich Londoners, who are slowly being killed off and what's more it's not Joe doing the killing. Instead, Joe is being stalked by a mystery person who is the real murderer. Will Joe figure out the killer's identity before it's too late?

The series is split into two parts with the second half dropping on 9th March, yes we really do have a month to wait until we find out what happens between Joe and Rhys. And when the second half does drop we have a lot of questions that need answering, like how does Rhys know who Joe is? And how will Joe stop Rhys?

questions that need answering in you season 4 part 2

These are the 12 questions we need answering in You season four part 2.

Is that it? Is Marienne just gone for good?

After months of waiting to see if Joe would find Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) in Paris and then following her to London, the pair finally came face to face.


They had an incredibly tense conversation which ended with Joe saying he would prove to Marienne he had changed for the better.

Then Elliot showed up and gave Joe the order to kill Marienne. We thought maybe we'd see the old Joe return, but he let Marienne get on the train to Paris, lying to Elliot that he had killed her with a photograph of her necklace.

questions that need answering in you season 4 part 2

So is this really the last we've seen of Marienne? A small part of me thought maybe she was the one stalking Joe, but now that theory is out the window, what is going to happen to Marienne?

Will she make a victorious return? Or will she just go back to America? I need to know.

How did Rhys murder Gemma?

Come to think of it how did he kill Malcom and Simon too?

I can see a timeline where it was possible for Rhys (Ed Speleers) to have got into Joe's apartment and killed Malcom, they were both drunk and drugged, so they wouldn't have been aware of him.

And there would have been a small window of time where he could have killed Simon at the art show.

But Gemma? Rhys must be a speed machine to have got into Hampsie House without anyone seeing him to quickly kill Gemma.

Where was Rhys the whole time they were at Hampsie house?

Speaking of, they were at Hampsie House a long time, when did Rhys get there? Did he head over before the rest of the group? Or did he go after, when they were playing that stupid game of croquet?

And if he drove over surely they would have seen or heard his car? He can't have walked the whole way from London.

Was he hiding out in the basement the whole time? And how did no one see him? What did he do for snacks? Or did his thirst for revenge just keep him satisfied?

How does Rhys escape from Hampsie House without Kate seeing him?

After setting the house alight, Rhys makes a sharp exit, but how did he do that without Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) or one of her numerous body guards not seeing him?

questions that need answering in you season 4 part 2

How did Rhys know Jonathan is Joe?

Ok this a big one, and I will be expecting a long and detailed explanation in You season four part two of how Rhys became Jonathan's stalker.

Rhys began stalking Joe pretty early on in the series, so how exactly did he work out the new guy to their group wasn't a boring English professor but a serial killer?

As a prospective mayor candidate, he's probably well caught up on the news, so maybe he just recognised Jonathan's face?

I need answers and I need them now.

Will Nadia and Edward get together?

Taking a slight pivot from all the murder. Since episode one there has been a lot of tension between two of Jonathan's students Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) and Edward (Brad Alexander).

Jonathan has wondered about the status of their relationship and so have we, will the second part of the season see them become more than classmates?

What’s going to happen to Lady Phoebe and Adam’s relationship?

The end of You season 4 part one left us on a bit of a confusing note about the status of Adam (Lukas Gage) and Lady Phoebe's (Tilly Keeper) relationship.

Before they go to Hampsie House we learn Adam has money troubles and wants to propose to Phoebe.

questions that need answering in you season 4 part 2

Lady Phoebe feels like something is up and offers to engage in Adam's kink to strengthen their relationship, which does not go well at all.

Phoebe is seen caring for Adam at the end of the episode, so maybe things will be ok for the couple. Is there a proposal on the cards?

How the hell is Jonathan going to prove Rhys is the killer?

At the end of episode five we see Jonathan determined to find a way to end Rhys' murderous tirade. Will he succeed? And how is he going to take him down exactly?

Will Kate and Jonathan get back together?

The final scenes of episode five show Kate asking Jonathan to the pub and him rejecting her in order to keep her safe.

But we all know Joe and how obsessed he tends to get. Is he really going to let Kate go? Or will there be a steamy reunion in the second half?

Will Kate die?

Throughout the first half of the series Jonathan's stalker, aka Rhys, is very intent on Kate dying, often asking Jonathan to be the one to kill her.

questions that need answering in you season 4 part 2

Surely as the richest of the entire group Rhys hates Kate the most and therefore will want her dead. We really don't think it's looking good for Kate.

Will Kate reunite with her father?

During their time at Hampsie House Kate reveals just how rich her father is to Jonathan. She is full of hatred and wanting nothing to do with him, for fear it means she will owe him.

But given how much he has been brought up, surely it would be weird for him not to make an apperance during the second part?

Who will die next?

This is You afterall, and we've got a feeling this isn't the end of the killings. Will the second half be the demise of Lady Phoebe? Or Adam? Or Kate?

Or perhaps Joe has finally met his match, will he be the one to die?

You season four part one is available on Netflix now

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