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The most relatable – and painfully real – tweets about A-level results day

·4-min read
Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images

A-level results day is finally here, and the general consensus on Twitter is that of major STRESS. While some people are celebrating and some are commiserating, the shared emotion of anxiety is definitely real.

But instead of sharing their results and (probably) putting their parents out of their misery, students have been taking to Twitter with memes that sum up ALL the feels. At least if the exams went badly, they could make it as a meme maker, right?

Others who aren't taking their exams right now, but have taken A-levels at some point in their lives, are also sharing words of wisdom for students and essentially hammering home the notion that, 'Hey, it'll all be alright in the end!' Which is then quickly followed by other people making memes out of those people. Yes, there are lots of A-level results day memes going on, but if there's one thing we know for sure, memes make everything better...

Our fave A-level results day memes of 2022

And all the best A-level results day memes from years gone by

Remember though

Results aren't everything, people, and there are things you can do regardless of how they go. If you don't quite make your grades to get into your chosen university, check out UCAS Clearing. If you got even better grades than you were hoping for, why not try and nab a space on a better course or at a better university through UCAS Adjustment?

If university just isn't for you in general, apprenticeships and internships are options – or maybe you could just start that career as a meme creator?

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