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$3,745 a week: Aussie cleaner reveals insane pay

A 20-year-old Aussie cleaner has shared on TikTok her staggering weekly pay.

Cleaner pay.
A young cleaner has shared how much she earns in a week. (Source: carecleaningservicessyd/Instagram and TikTok)

A Sydney woman has revealed the massive amount of money she makes per week as a cleaning business owner, leaving the internet shocked.

Charlotte Bosanquet, founder of Care Cleaning Services Sydney, took to TikTok to reveal her cleaning business earned $3,745 in just one week.

In the clip, Charlotte is shown working no more than five hours per day, Monday to Friday, with an extra $1,000 prepaid shift on Sunday. Her earnings range from $470 for a 9:00am-12:00pm shift, up to $630 for a 10:00am-3:00pm shift.

The TikTok has now amassed more than 250,000 views, with many Aussies shocked at the 20-year-old’s massive earnings and others saying they need to start a cleaning business too.

“$470 for three hours? Cleaners get max $30 an hour,” one person wrote.

“My cleaner charges $30 per hour. Hope she doesn’t see this,” another said.

“I LOVE cleaning! I should do this!,” someone wrote.

“We need to start a cleaning gig lol,” another said.

Charlotte, who founded the cleaning business less than a year ago, responded in a follow-up video to clear up the confusion and said these amounts weren’t charged to just one client.

“Quite a lot of people got confused about how much I make in a day,” she said.

“I normally only work for half days but I have eight employees and they work and I profit off their jobs as well.

“That’s why I make that amount of money in a small time. I also profit off selling my ebooks online as well.”

Charlotte also clarified that her business earned a profit of $3,515 per week, after deducting $230 worth of weekly expenses including accountant fees, insurance, invoicing and petrol.

“Keep in mind that total is after I’ve paid my employees as well,” she said.

“That does sound like a lot of money but I do like to invest quite a bit of it towards the business and then also take some home to put away into savings so I can save up for a home.”

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