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Camila Cabello wants house 'full of noise and people'

Camila Cabello wants a house "full of noise and people".
The 'Havana' singer is keen to "reconnect" with her Latin heritage by embracing the huge family occasions that her own parents and grandparents grew up with, and hopes to offer her own children similar experiences one day.
She said: "My mum always talks about the 24th of December in Cuba. Everybody came to our house, friends and family, it was a house full of people. My grandmother cooked the beans and my grandfather made the pork.
"In Mexico I have a lot of cousins, uncles and aunts and all that house full of people and food was lost for my family's generation.
"We came to the United States and it was just me and my mum at first, then me, my mum, my dad and my sister and then slowly my grandfather and grandmother came, but I was on 'The X Factor' at that age. We had a very different experience to my mum and dad. I want to recreate that for my family, maybe with my kids in the future.
"Now I want to go to Miami and say to my family that's there 'Come over here' and reconnect with that, because I miss something that I didn't fully get to live.
"I wanted to recreate it on this album, literally with my family, because it resonates with me on so many levels. I want a house full of noise and people."
The 25-year-old singer "feels Latina" when she's in the US but worries about being "that person" when she returns to Mexico or Cuba.
She told Mexico's Vogue magazine: "As I'm growing up, I'm putting my life story into context. I lived in Cuba and Mexico until I was seven years old before moving to Miami. At 15 I moved to Los Angeles and that was the moment when I made the full transition to the United States, without having that Latin American culture of my family...
"I've had times in my life where I miss Latin culture a lot. But if I go to live in Mexico or Cuba... I have always thought that I be 'that person' for a long time. The person who doesn't have the years of culture that the people there have lived, in those places I'm going to be the gringa, even though in the United States I feel Latina."
Camila shot to fame when she auditioned for 'The X Factor' and was put into girl group Fifth Harmony, and she's thrilled she's now using her own experiences to be a coach on 'The Voice'.
She said: "When I was 15 and in that situation I realised that it has the potential to change your whole life. If I make a mistake it's a chance for a person.
"It is also very nice because I know, now that I am a coach, that I have learned a lot during these ten years. I am very excited to see that people take the advice and improve."