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Can Trump win the trade war?

Can Trump win his trade war?

In the latest episode of Ballots and Dollars, Rick Newman and Alexis Christoforous discuss whether Trump has a solid plan for tariffs or if this is simply a giant game of chicken.“I think China is the big one,” Newman said. “I think China is basically the whole story, or it will be by this time next year when Trump really has to have something to show for what he's doing with China.”

"Trump, of course, said China's been ripping us off for years,” Newman continued, pointing to the United States’ trade deficit with China. Trump, he explained, keeps saying “We’re just giving them the money.”

But, that’s “not really the case. We are buying stuff from China. We've been buying stuff from them from a long time. We give them dollars, they give us stuff we want. It's kind of the same as when you go to a store, and you buy something, you don't worry that you got ripped off.”

How will this change the 2020 election?

It’s clear that no matter what Trump’s plan is for the trade war, it will be a big topic in 2020 election. Trump has put a lot of stock in getting a deal done with China, and if nothing has come by next year - it will become problematic for his message to voters.