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China Restrictions in Consideration for Cryptos, Ethereum Prices Fall

Yaron Mazor

Ethereum has broken through support levels but remains within sight of its record highs.

China Rumors Causes a Shiver, Tighter Restrictions Create Selling Pressure

China may decide to further tighten its restrictions and regulations regarding cryptocurrency. The government is reportedly considering a block of domestic access to Chinese and offshore exchanges. This developing news has sent an additional shiver through the cryptocurrency markets, which has seen a decline in values among the most actively traded coins.

Ether Falls through Support, Ethereum Remains a Favorite of Developers

The price of Ethereum has stumbled the past couple of days, as it has broken through the support of 1,200 U.S Dollars per coin. However, the cryptocurrency has been a solid performer the past month and has stayed within eyesight of its all times. The Ethereum Blockchain platform with its open source software remains a tech favorite among cryptocurrency developers.

ETH/USD 4H Chart

Buterin Stepping away from Fenbushi Capital

It has been disclosed in the past day, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is stepping away from most of his activities with Fenbushi Capital. The venture capital fund is a large player within the Initial Coin Offerings funding landscape – and is China-based. Buterin has been quoted as saying he wants to focus more on the Ethereum platform.

London Blockchain Event will start with a Hackathon

The London Blockchain Week will get underway with a host of events on the 19th of January and last until the 26th.

  • 19-26, U.K, London Blockchain Week

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