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New Coca-Cola Flavor Allegedly Tastes Like Dreams And Surrealism

·2-min read
Photo credit: Coca-Cola
Photo credit: Coca-Cola

Long gone are the days when Coca-Cola flavors were limited to cherry, vanilla, and orange-vanilla. Now, new Coke varieties apparently taste like "dreams" and "surrealism." Presenting the new Coca-Cola Dreamworld, which "bottles up the technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious with an invitation to savor the magic of everyday moments and dream with open eyes," according to a press release.

While we're very unsure of what a dream might taste like (pillowy cotton candy, maybe?), Coke is here to assure us that, if anything, Dreamworld will spark debate.

The soda company isn't offering much info about the flavor profile for Dreamworld, but did provide some insight into the can's unique packaging, which will include "whimsical shapes, electric colors and a 3D expression of Coke’s signature script to create an illusionary visual landscape."

“Coca-Cola Dreamworld taps into Gen Z’s passion for the infinite potential of the mind by exploring what a dream tastes like,” said Alessandra Cascino, Creative & Shopper Program Director, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit, in a statement. “Like the Coca-Cola Creations that came before it, Dreamworld plays with the unexpected and will no doubt provoke discovery and debate among consumers…which we welcome.”

Dreamworld serves as the fourth and final Coca-Cola Creations drop this year. Past Coca-Cola Creations include Coca-Cola Byte, Coca-Cola Starlight, and most recently, a collaboration with the musician Marshmello.

“Starlight illuminated the idea of escapism and the infinite, out-of-this-world possibilities of space,” said Chase Abraham, Senior Creative Strategy Manager, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit, in a statement. “Dreamworld flips this script by inviting fans to look inward at the infinite possibilities of the mind.”

Okay, alright.

Ready to taste your dreams? Coca-Cola Dreamworld will be available in the United States and Canada starting August 15.

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