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Courteney Cox's Recipe For The 'Greatest Steak Of All Time' Goes Viral

courteney cox steak
You Need To Try Courteney Cox's Viral Steak RecipeGetty

Our new era of celebrity chefs is defined by celebs who also happen to be great home cooks. Whether it's Florence Pugh guiding us through her tzatziki dip, the Hadid sisters whipping up their viral pasta recipes, or Jennifer Garner hosting her beloved "Pretend Cooking Show," we can count on our favorite celebrities for dinner inspo and some serious kitchen envy.

The latest celebrity-approved recipe to grace our feeds comes from actress Courteney Cox. The Friends and Scream star took to Instagram Monday to share a recipe for what she calls the "greatest steak of all time." She credits friend and singer Brandi Carlile for the unconventional spice rub that transforms a simple cut of steak into a show-stopping dinner.

In the video, Cox seasons a tray of room-temperature steaks with truffle oil, black pepper, and coarse salt. While this would certainly be delicious on its own, the spice rub is what really raises the steaks. Cox combines brown sugar with freshly ground coffee and covers the steaks on all sides.

Before you write off the coffee-and-brown-sugar blend, allow us to vouch for this flavor combination. Coffee adds a complex, bitter note to the steak and amplifies its beefy richness. The brown sugar balances the coffee and helps caramelize the surface of your steak for a restaurant-quality crust.

Cox takes the seasoned steaks to her stunning outdoor kitchen (are those LED lights on her grill?!), then grills the meat for two to three minutes per side. We'd happily eat those steaks on their own, but you could pair them with cream-cheesy mashed cauliflower and grilled asparagus like she does.

Check out Cox's full recipe on her Instagram page and try it for yourself. And for all the coffee spice-blend skeptics out there, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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