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Dakota Fanning wears a necklace with her late dog’s hair

·2-min read

Dakota Fanning wears a necklace with her late dog’s hair inside.
The ‘Alienist’ star says she sports the gold accessory with the canine's fur inside it as a "shrine" to her beloved pooch Luwellen in order to keep her furry friend close to her at all times.
The 28-year-old actress told host Kelly Clarkson and fellow guest Michelle Pfeiffer - her ‘The First Lady’ co-star: “So I have her with me.”
Dakota also said: “She actually passed away. My first and only dog, her name was Lewellen,” she said before picking up one of her pendant necklaces, and showing to the pair.
She added: "And this is a little bit of her hair in my necklace.”
In response, the 40-year-old talk show labelled the sartorial decision as “both creepy and beautiful,” a conclusion that the ‘New Moon’ star agreed with, replying “I know”.
But the 'Breakaway' singer admitted she was a fan of the jewellery.
She exclaimed: "You're a walking shrine. I love it. It's love!"
Kelly confessed she understood the pain and other “people don’t get it” when it comes to the heartache of losing a pet.
She said: "People don't get it! I have kids too, and I'm telling you, [the pets] are like a part of my family. When one of my dogs died, I thought I was going to die myself."
Michelle admitted that she “was actually due” to get another puppy as all the dogs she had all “passed away” but that she had a cute kitty.
The 64-year-old actress told Kelly: “I used to have a lot of dogs, and then one by one, they kind of, you know, passed away, so I don’t have any dogs at the moment, but I do have a cat, Bella. She’s a very special cat.”

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